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This forum runs on the phpBB3 forum software, but as of December 2023 new registrants are reporting difficulty in registering new accounts as the spammer blocking Captcha system operated by phpBB3 appears faulty, and in some cases does not display properly. This is preventing prospective users from successfully completing the registration process.

If you would like to join but are experiencing difficulties, then please contact us directly via email at and we can always try and set up an account for you manually. It is also worth while trying an alternative browser to the one you mainly use to determine if that may make a difference.

Welcome to Coastal Forces Veterans

The Coastal Forces Veterans Forum forum is intended to function as a research tool for users to share or seek information on the subject of Coastal Forces, its personnel, boats, bases or theatres of operations. Please do not post any spam or commercial links, nor engage in any harmul or illegal activity. The board is monitored on a regular basis, and spammer accounts together with their messgages are deleted to keep the forum clear for our users to enjoy.

There is the facility within the board to sign up for notifications for topics or posts you are particularly interested in.

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