Pilot Vessel No.4 - sunk 28/11/1940

Enquiries relating to individual men and women who served with HM Light Coastal Forces; help with interpreting service records, or with tracing former comrades
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Re: Pilot Vessel No.4 - sunk 28/11/1940

Postby sidseymour » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:39 pm

I am glad that someone else is getting some benefit from the digging that is going on regarding Pilot Vessel No.4. You will see that I have been frustrated in my efforts to date, especially regarding the information I have sent to the RN and Merchant Navy. It could well be that I am asking the wrong questions to the wrong organisations. I do find it incredulious that both orgaisations send me back to the other one whenever I ask a question (it was a RN vessel - when asked off the MN and vice versa when asked of the RN).

If you do come across and further information, please post it on these pages
Sid Seymour

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Re: Pilot Vessel No.4 - sunk 28/11/1940

Postby Doreen » Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:25 pm

Hello, my efforts were thwarted just like yours - the only place I found any information was from Greenwich a super lady there found the death notice for my father and forwarded it to me, it is an almost exact copy of the one already shown on this site, even to" not to be entered on the ROH per Mr. Prater" This was what incensed me and made me determined to find out more, which I have only done through this forum. I have the letters from Commander Hastings, informing my mother my father was missing, and another one saying must be assumed now lost at sea. These letters originated from the Naval Base Headquarters then. situated in Poole High Street. As a spooky detail, I read the ships bell from HMS Javelin ended up in the --British Legion 29-- Burin Newfoundland. My fathers family ran a business out of Poole and Newfoundland and owned properties and a shipyard in Burin, until the 1840/50's. My father left home to go to war from 29 green Road Poole !

Would there not be a Ships Log from the Captain of HMS Javelin about the rescue of survivors ? The ship and the Captain survived - I wonder if my dad survived the first attack and was killed on HMS Javelin ? I went to school with Yvonne Shannon. I believe it could have been her father on board PV No.4 if you could trace her she may have information. Sorry if I ramble on but having successfully found the story of PV N0.4 and having my dad recognised at long last as a participant in ww2 I am amazed.

Laurent Rizzotti
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Re: Pilot Vessel No.4 - sunk 28/11/1940

Postby Laurent Rizzotti » Fri Nov 29, 2019 12:08 pm


In the Admiralty War Diaries, available on fold3.com, there is the following on this boat:

"Pilot Boat No 4 abandoned in 49° 49' N;, 4° 49' W., on fire forward. Have rescued all survivors. Consider salvage possible."
(Message from HMS Jackal to CinC Western Approaches, 1047 hrs, 29 November 1940)

4. Other vessels known to have been involved are tug AID and barge C.B.X. 110 sunk, pilot vessel No. 4 and tug ABEILLE No 14 being towed in by trawlers."
(Message from CinC Western Approaches to Admiralty, 2114 hrs, 29 November 1940)

Sadly there is nothing more on 30 November. If the pilot boat was effectively towed, it may have sunk on tow.

I checked the WWII Dutch war dead database and found no name linked to this boat for 28 or 29 November 1940. There is one sailor on the 28th, lost with the British ship St Elwyn.

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Re: Pilot Vessel No.4 - sunk 28/11/1940

Postby Pioneer » Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:46 pm

Be aware that fold3.com is a subscription website that will automatically bill you after the free trial ends.

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Re: Pilot Vessel No.4 - sunk 28/11/1940

Postby sidseymour » Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:47 pm

Many thanks for the alternative web site but, sadly, it was another blank . We are not finished yet....

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