Sub Lt Patrick Dalzel-Job RNVR

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Bob Pearson
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Sub Lt Patrick Dalzel-Job RNVR

Postby Bob Pearson » Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:34 pm

Hello there,

Currently, I am researching a Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve officer, Sub/Lt Patrick Dalzel-Job. This officer was involved with Norway prior to and during the German invasion of Norway. Against Admiralty orders he helped with the evacuation of Narvik just before the town was razed to the ground by the Luftwaffe. For his deeds he was threatened with a Court Martial by the Admiralty, but was subsequently awarded the St Olav medal by a very grateful King Haakon.

Later in his career, Dalzel-Job became operational wit hthe 54th Flotilla (Norwegian) and worked with the boats on various Combined Ops, he then became involved with VP ops in to Norway and was at one point spying on German shipping from a small island 60 miles north of Bergen. This op was in preparation for a Chariot attack, but was never fully implemented.

I would like to communicate with anyone who has an interest in the 54th Flotilla - it does not have to be connected to Dalzel-Job as I am interested in all aspects. I am often at the National Archives and will willingly share the information I gather.

Kind regards,

Bob Pearson - Ipswich

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Re: Sub Lt Patrick Dalzel-Job RNVR

Postby Julie » Sat Oct 02, 2010 2:20 pm

Hi Bob
I suppose that you are aware of this but I did a quick Google of that unusual surname and up popped this
A very interesting man and a very interesting life.

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Re: Sub Lt Patrick Dalzel-Job RNVR

Postby Bob Pearson » Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:49 pm

Hi Julie,

Many thanks for the reply - very much appreciated.

I had seen the site before, but thanks for reminding me as it was a while since I last took a look at it. As you can see he was quite an active character.

At the moment I am trying to find out how he was recruited to the RNVR. I get the impression that he didn't just turn up at some local office to sign on, but rather that he was 'invited' to join. Another coastal forces officer who is linked to PDJ, Augustine Courtauld, was also RNVR and these two men joined at the same time and followed roughly similar career paths as well as sharing the same friends. Courtauld was also a Coastal Forces man on MTBs. To date, I have traced relatives of both men, but unfortunately no new information was revealed.

I will keep digging!

Thanks again and kind regards,


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