Douglas Reeman, 15/10/1924 - 23/01/2017

Enquiries relating to individual men and women who served with HM Light Coastal Forces; help with interpreting service records, or with tracing former comrades
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Douglas Reeman, 15/10/1924 - 23/01/2017

Postby Stephen » Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:40 am

The prolific author of maritime fiction Douglas Reeman (sometimes known as Alexander Kent) died last week on the 23rd January. During the Second World War, after serving in destroyers, he transferred to Coastal Forces and served in the Mediterranean and then in home waters. He was first lieutenant on an MTB at Normandy and was injured when it was hit by shellfire on the 12th June. After convalescing he served at Iceland and was in Kiel on VE Day.

His experiences on D-Day are briefly related in his short publication D-Day, A Personal Reminiscence. However, he doesn't name his boat. I've searched the Admiralty lists for April 1944 to no avail (although I could have missed Reeman amongst the mass of names, or the lists could just be incomplete as they frequently are). The only Coastal Forces casualty for the 12 June that the CWGC lists is from MGB 326, and I can't find any useful information in the Captain Coastal Forces report into Overlord.

Would anyone happen to know which boat Reeman may have served on?

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