JX340341 Albert Robinson

Enquiries relating to individual men and women who served with HM Light Coastal Forces; help with interpreting service records, or with tracing former comrades
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JX340341 Albert Robinson

Postby Bazthecarper » Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:59 am

I am hoping someone can help me with my research of my late Father JX 340341 Albert Robinson.
I have his certificate of service but it has thrown up a couple of questions for me, oh how I wish I could ask him directly !.
I will try and keep it as brief as possible. In Dads record it includes "Hornet" 1st Oct 43 -23 Oct 43, Afrikander 24th Oct 43 -16th March 44.but I know from him that he was on a troop ship possibly Dutch, not as crew but being transferred somewhere possibly far East which was torpedoed and sunk in the Med . He was rescued taken to Morocco, and they travelled I think overland to Durban were he joined Afrikander.
Is it possible to identify the Ship that was torpedoed.
Also on his Service under meritorious service it says " Recomended for distinguished service medal, and granted for action in Mye bon ren Arakan.signed by Capt PW Martin.
I contacted office of the Naval secretary about 6 years ago who in a nutshell said no award has been identified for my
Father, unless something could be found in the London Gazette, I am having a lot of trouble researching the Gazette for
some reason the site wont work for me.
I know that the day in question one of my Dads shipmates got killed and received the DSM he was Able Seaman Eric Facey Feb 1945, Also Temporary Lieutenant William Kentish received the DSM both dated 10th July 1945.
I know the ML 857 got stuck up a small Burmese river and took on a Japanese attack.
This is a wonderful forum I hope someone can help me, Thanks for listening Baz.

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