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Telegraphist Frank West

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:16 pm
by Admin
Coastal Forces veteran Frank West (CFVA 891) has died at his nursing home in York on Christmas Day 2019.

He served as Telegraphist onboard MTB 479 which was completed in May 1944 and formed part of the 30th MTB Flotilla along with MTBs 471-477 and 480. Elements of the flotilla are known to have been closely involved in operations in the Channel as part of Operation Neptune during the period of the D-Day landings. The 30th MTBs mounted a nightly blockade of Le Havre in defence of the eastern flank of the Allied anchorages against incursions by E-Boats.

This painting of Frank's former boat was created by artist Harold Garland.
British Power Boat MTB 479