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Chief Motor Mechanic Robert Ringham Dawson.

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 10:47 am
by Cestrianblue
Hello everyone my name is Phil and I have a story to tell. I am the nephew of Robert Ringham Dawson C/MX72043 who served on MGB 326. My uncle passed away many years ago and had no children of his own. My interest here is two fold as I know that Uncle Bob, as I knew him, was on MGB 326 which took part in the Bruneval Raid in February 1942. Co-incidentally my father was one of the Paratroopers on that raid and as a Sapper in the R.E. he was very much involved in the dismantling of the Wurzburg Radar and was later to be evacuated from the beach by the RN. Later in the war and prior to the Arnhem debacle, Operation Market Garden, my father was billeted in Donington in Lincolnshire, where he met and later married Uncle Bobs sister, my mother. I am currently doing very well in researching my fathers wartime history but also have an avid interest in the involvement of my uncle Bob during world war two. I've been able to apply for my fathers service records (although I haven't received them yet) as I was in possession of his death certificate but regarding my Uncle Bob things are different as I don't have a death certificate or even his date of birth. Is there anyone from within this forum that could shed some light or information regarding my uncle Bob? I know he received a D.S.M. for something he did on the Dieppe Raid on this day in 1942 and as a child I remember a photograph of Bob, my grandfather and my mother taken outside of Buckingham Palace after Bob had received his medal off the King. Any information on Robert Ringham Dawson C/MX72043 and his naval career would be greatly appreciated. Thanking everyone who might be able to help me.

Re: Chief Motor Mechanic Robert Ringham Dawson.

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 11:01 am
by Admin
Hello Cestrianblue

Thank you for your interesting enquiry. Your Uncle appears in our awards database, and that entry plus the mention in the London Gazette confirm the service number as correct, so I wonder if that might not be sufficient for the Royal Naval Disclosure Cell. Failing that it might be possible to look up basic details of his death certificate on line which may then give his date of birth, if you know which county he died in.

I have some material on the role of Coastal Forces in the Dieppe Raid which I prepared for another correspondent at the start of the summer, so I will forward it to you by email later.


Re: Chief Motor Mechanic Robert Ringham Dawson.

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 3:18 pm
by Cestrianblue
Thank you Mr Admin for your help and I look forward to receiving your e-mail. I've now followed the part of your advice to obtain my uncle Bobs date of birth and also his date of passing.