Lieutenant Donald Lefever

Obituary notices for veterans who served with HM Light Coastal Forces
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Lieutenant Donald Lefever

Postby Admin » Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:43 pm

London Branch has been informed of the death of Donald Lefever who ‘crossed the bar’ on 26th November, 2014. He joined the Royal Navy as an Ordinary Seaman before being selected for officer training. On completion of his training he sought a posting to Coastal Forces, attending HMS St Christopher at Fort William for a five week course.

Posted to HMS Mantis, the Coastal Forces base at Lowestoft, Donald Lefever initially served on an MGB before being appointed First Lieutenant of ML 149, under CO Lieutenant Hamish Mitchell. The two were to serve together for nearly three years, enjoying a very good working relationship throughout their, at times, gruelling patrols on the east coast convoy route, manning the defensive ‘Z’ line, against incursions by E-boats.

A recent contribution from his daughter Sally Ewin on a forum post about the crew of ML 149, contains an account written by her father of his time on the east coast MLs, and contains two photographs of him.

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