A/B Ken Gadsdon - CFVA 2500

Obituary notices for veterans who served with HM Light Coastal Forces
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A/B Ken Gadsdon - CFVA 2500

Postby Pioneer » Thu Oct 07, 2021 10:35 am

A/B Ken Gadsdon - CFVA 2500
It was a very sad day when learning of the passing of dear Ken Gadsdon
He served in the Adriatic Sea aboard MTB 651; invalided out of the RN in 1943, he carried the results of very serious war wounds with dignity until his dying day.
He will certainly be remembered for having a great sense of humour; this could also be observed in his writing skills, when as Secretary and later Chairman of the London Branch CFVA, he brought many a smile to face’s with his ability for composing unique ‘Chairman’s Reports’.
From the early '70's until finally stepping down as Chairman of the London Branch in 2016, he had dedicated an amazing amount of his time and energy promoting public awareness of Coastal Forces and the important contribution it made during WW2.
You will be sorely missed Ken.

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