AB Ronald A Metcalfe (CFVA: 2005)

Obituary notices for veterans who served with HM Light Coastal Forces
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AB Ronald A Metcalfe (CFVA: 2005)

Postby Admin » Tue Mar 19, 2024 1:48 pm

Coastal Forces Veterans has learned of the death of Ron Metcalfe, on 28 February, 2024. Ron served on MGB 52, ML 906 and MTB 758. ML 906 was part of the 19th ML Flotilla, equipped for a minesweeping role in late 1944. The flotilla took part in operations in the Schelde in November 1944 as part of the Allied invasion of Walcheren. Ron's boat was 'chummy' boat to ML 916 which was destroyed by an acoustic mine on 8 November, 1944 with a large loss of life. The two survivors from the 916 included its seriously wounded CO, Lieutenant George Gordon MacPherson, whom Ron tended to after he was pulled from the water. Ron was for many years a remote member of London Branch, and a full piece about Ron will appear on the web site later. The story of the events Ron was involved in may be found in this article on the Loss of ML 916.

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