Norwegian 'Dog' Boats and their crews at Lerwick

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Norwegian 'Dog' Boats and their crews at Lerwick

Postby Admin » Sun Oct 24, 2021 12:13 am

This interesting film produced in 1973 and set against a backdrop of the then contemporary deployment of MTBs by the Norwegian Navy, traces the use of the motor torpedo boat by the Sjøforsvaret and the work of the Norwegian Coastal Forces units based at Lerwick during the Second World War. Although it is mostly in Norwegian and without subtitles, it is well worth viewing.

Øivind Schau discusses Norwegian MTBs 5 and 6 while interviews are conducted on location in Shetland with veterans O. A. Gunvaldsen, Ragnvald A. Tamber and Francis Garrock. The interviews are intersperspersed with some remarkable colour footage of the Royal Norwegian Navy’s ‘Dog’ Boats at their base in Lerwick (08:55) showing their camouflage scheme. Further black & white shots of torpedoes being loaded may be seen at 17:50.

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