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Roger's Little Ships

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:21 am
by RogerP
Hello from way 'downunder',

With the help of a modelling friend we have created a 1/144th scale model of a Fairmile B class ML in resin.
Fairmile B master 1.jpg
We are seriously considering doing another model in the same scale, so I ask -- what should we do?

A Vosper MTB OR
A US Elco 80' PT Boat?

Re: Roger's Little Ships

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:52 am
by Julie
A lovely tiny reproduction Roger and speaking for myself and my Dad, your next has got to be a Vosper.....Please!!!!

Re: Roger's Little Ships

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:01 am
by RogerP
Hi Julie,

Thankyou for your response, yes I must admit the Vosper is probably my preference. So far I've had a few replies for a PT Boat, but all different types which makes choosing just a tad tricky.

May I ask, do you have a special connection with a particular Vosper MTB?

Not sure is this forum caters for personal messages, if not my e-mail address is --
I live in Bendigo, Australia.

Re: Roger's Little Ships

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:27 am
by RogerP
Hello Everyone,

OK, at this stage this is the order of preference so I will most likely be releasing one resin model (kit) at a time in the following order (perhaps):

1. Vosper MTB. The more common wider (19’3”, 1941-2ish) version as opposed to the much narrower (14’9”, 1939-40ish) type. As far as I can tell the wider hulled boats included numbers 57-66, 73, 75-98, 222-245 and 347-362. This type has recently been released in 1/35th scale by Italeri and 1/72nd scale by Coastal Craft Models.
2. US Elco 80' PT. this one would need to include two cabin castings to cater for the different (slightly) positions of the starboard gun tub. I haven’t quite sorted out boat numbers yet, but do have the info available.
3. PBR Mk II.
4. Monitor (prog 4) plus Cmd & Control version.
5. PCF Swift Boat.
6. ASPB 1st Generation and
7. US Higgins 78' PT.

This next list are distinct possibilities depending of course on the level of expressions of interest, they have all been mentioned at least once:

British Power Boat Co. MTB (71’9”), MGB (71’6”) which could include the earlier 70’ & 63’ MGB types.
Elco 70’ & 77’ PT Boats (there were also RN MGB/MTB versions).
The WW1 55’ CMB (could also include the 40’ version).
BPB Co. 63’ ASRL (like the Airfix 1/72nd one).
‘Miami’ class ASRL.
The Korean War PTF ‘Nasty’ boat.
‘Tacoma’ class Patrol Frigate – don’t have anything on this ship.
PACV – likewise, don’t have any info only a photo.

These next ones are of particular interest to me:

The SOC-R boat. Check out “The Navy’s Best Kept Secret” on ‘youtube’ and the movie ‘Act of Valor’, only released last month in the US.
The WW1 80’ ML.
The HDML, the smaller ‘maid of all work’, the larger one being the Fairmile B class ML already available.
The modern CB-90 boat, designed in Sweden I think and being evaluated/used by the USN as an RCB (Riverine Cmd Boat).
The LCSM. This one is rather obscure and was a landing craft conversion used on the Arakan coast in Burma.

Having said all this I need to point out the following –

Please be very patient with this rather comprehensive list, but you guys (and girls of course if there are any ladies interested) can help me (and yourselves) a great deal in bringing these models to fruition by offering to help make the masters.

My plan is to include brass etch parts and crew figures.

As I have stated previously my caster friend has very limited time to devote to making any masters and while he would like to tackle the Vosper and Elco boats (perhaps) I really would like others to ‘have a go’.

I already have a candidate willing to do the PBR so the others are up for grabs. Please don’t be (too) frightened to put your hand up.

While the models I do are waterline I fully appreciate the desire to have ‘full hull’ models so I would strongly suggest that we have a separate piece made for those who wish to either mount their model on a stand or if in a diorama have the forefoot showing.

Roger in Oz.

Re: Roger's Little Ships

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:58 am
by RogerP
Hello Everyone from 'way downunder',

Well after quite some time I have finally completed the first resin model (actually she wanted three) for a customer in Western Australia. The 'little ship' in question being the RN's Fairmile B class ML 357 which my customer's late father was the radio telegraphist during 1944-5. ML 357 was part of the 42nd ML Flotilla, operating in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas quite often doing clandestine work with the LRDG and Greek Sacred Sqn as well as some runs to and from occupied Crete.
ML 357-20.JPG

Re: Roger's Little Ships

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:49 am
by jonco
Well done Roger - impressive. My father was also an RT on ML563 in the Med until she was lost in Aug 44.

Re: Roger's Little Ships

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:44 pm
by RogerP
Hello everyone,

I've been a tad remiss in keeping you up-to-date with progress on models I've completed, so here are a couple more.

Below is my Vosper MTB 234.
MTB 234-9.JPG
Then we have the Fairmile A class ML 103.
ML 103-10.JPG

Re: Roger's Little Ships

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:06 am
by RogerP
Hello again,

It appears I've been a bit of a dill and not posted a piccy of the very first model I finished, the HDML 1285. I should remind you too that these models are all 1/144th scale so are a little small perhaps but I'm really happy with the way they are looking.
HDML 1285-16.JPG
Still to come are ---

Fairmile C class MGB 314 with figures depicting those who were on board on the way into St Nazaire.
ML 145, an early war 'generic' Fairmile B.
ML 531, a WW1 Elco built ML.
PT 103, the first Elco 80' PT boat.
SC 648, the US Sub Chaser.
ML 306, one of the Op Chariot ML's and
HDML 1321, an RAN special ops boat.

These to be followed by ----

Fairmile D class MTB 794 (then later MGB & LRRC versions).
US Higgins 78' PT boat.
US WW1 Sub Chaser.
HMS Grey Goose.
WW1 55' CMB.
HMVS Cerberus.
Vosper 73' type I MTB 380.
PBR Mk II from the Vietnam War era (this will be followed by other 'Brown Water Navy' craft.
The modern SOC-R from the movie 'Act of Valor'.
"Pamela", one of two Gunboats built in Burma for service on the Chindwin River.
The STCAN/FOM French riverine boat from the first Indo-China War also known as the 'RAG' boat.
LCSM, the Landing Craft Support (Medium) converted for use on the Arakan coast of Burma.

There are others but this list will take some time as you can imagine.

Watch this space but please be patient.

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