New Vosper MTB model

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New Vosper MTB model

Postby RogerP » Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:56 am

Hello to all,

While some of us keen modellers await the release of Italeri's Vosper MTB in 1/35th scale, a 1/72nd version was recently released at the Telford (UK) show. The kit was released by 'Coastal Craft' models, consists of resin and brass etch parts and retails for 85GBP. While some might think it's expensive I think the kit will be very nice indeed and to my mind a most welcome addition to the already available 'little ships' in 1/72nd scale.

I can pass on the contact details of those involved and no there is no website at this stage.

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Re: New Vosper MTB model

Postby RogerP » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:38 pm

1/72 Vosper MTB kit – an ‘inbox look’.

I wish to give you my opinion on the first kit to be released by Coastal Craft Models of the UK. It is the Vosper MTB, is largely a resin kit and is to 1/72nd scale.

This is mainly a first glance into the kit soon after receiving it from the UK. As far as I know the only other kits depicting this version of the Vosper are the Revell one which I think is a little odd being a British design, built in the US for the Russians! Some have converted this kit to what I call a ‘normal’ Vosper MTB and while probably difficult is not impossible. The other kit is a 1/100 scale card model from Pro-Model which is easily converted to 1/72 by merely photocopying to rescale the parts pages.

This kit is the very first kit produced by Coastal Craft of the UK who state on the box top:
“Multi-media model kits of coastal craft from around the world”.

The kit comes nicely packed in a reasonably stout box with the smaller parts inside a smaller box for added protection with the parts packed in small zipper type plastic bags. The kit retails for 85GBP (Great Britain Pounds).

The instructions are in the form of a book containing lots of photo’s and diagrams to aid assembly. The book also contains some history of MTB 234 in particular as decals for this boat are the only ones provided. There is also a short history of coastal forces in general and some notes on colour schemes. The decal option is for MTB 234 whose CO was LCdr Peter Dickens, SO (Senior Officer) of the 21st MTB Flotilla operating out of Felixstowe during April/May 1943. Peter Dickens was the great grandson of notable English novelist Charles Dickens.

The instructions include order forms for the accessories which are available separately and these include single (the kit has a single 20mm) and twin 20mm Oerlikons, Carley float, Ammo lockers and depth charges plus some others. Also included is a fully illustrated list of figures produced by Gunthwaite Miniatures and while the figures are really nicely done with quite a number of variations, I think some figures in action poses, gun crews etc will be the icing on the cake for an already great range.

Resin parts include the hull, deck, bridge/charthouse, torpedo tubes, the twin Vickers gun tub and various small detail parts like bollards etc. There is a piece of plastic to cut out the transom and I believe the mast is plastic. Brass etch parts include bridge details, gun sights, cavitation plates, portholes, handrails and other quite small detail items. Some whitemetal parts include props, 20mm gun and rudders to name just a few.

Future kits are listed in the instruction booklet as –

British Power Boat Co. MTB and MGB , most likely the 71’9” and 71’6” versions.
Fairmile D class MGB and
Mid-war German S-Boat, I believe the S-38 version between the Airfix and Revell plastic kits.

Coastal Craft models can be contacted at – where you can register your interest in the above. Their release will be governed of course by sales of the Vosper and interest in these future kits.

Roger Pearson.
Bendigo, Australia.

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Re: New Vosper MTB model

Postby RogerP » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:53 pm

Hello again,

Just realised I haven’t actually stated my opinion which is – I’m very impressed indeed, I love it. It’s a great looking kit, plenty of scope for extra detailing and with some crew figures will look very impressive. I’m positive once other purchasers start building this fine model, build reviews will come thick and fast.


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Re: New Vosper MTB model

Postby Jaime » Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:43 pm

Review and photos of box & unbuilt contents here:

Looks a very smart model - wish they did a 1:72 motor launch as well

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Re: New Vosper MTB model

Postby RogerP » Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:16 am

Hello Everyone from Oz,

Following on from the Vosper last year I wish to pass on the following on behalf of Coastal Craft models in the UK ---

Following on from their Vosper MTB in 1/72nd scale, Coastal Craft plan to release the British Power Boat Co. 71’6” MGB at the Telford Model Show next month. Again in 1/72nd scale the kit will be available in two versions one armed with the 2pdr Mk IIc for’ard and the other with the 2pdr Mk VIII. Also to be released will be the following:
Twin 20mm Oerlikon on Mk V powered mounting.
2pdr Mk IIc on Mk XV mounting.
2pdr Mk VII gun on Mk XVI powered mounting.
6pdr gun on a powered mounting.
Twin 20mm Oerlikon on a Bandstand mounting.
A pair of 18” torpedo tubes.
A Breda 20mm gun.
A twin Lewis gun set plus some other deck fittings.

To be released in 2013 are the following:
British Power Boat Co. 71’6” MTB.
Fairmile D MGB.
Thornycroft 55’ CMB.

There is no website at this stage and kits and accessories can be obtained by e-mailing – who will provide paypal details.

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Re: New Vosper MTB model

Postby RogerP » Wed Oct 29, 2014 1:03 am

Greetings all from 'way downunder',

I thought now is the right time to update you to the excellent range of 1/72nd scale models under the ‘Coastal Craft’ label. These kits are produced in the UK since 2013 and are available direct.

I have two (as yet unbuilt) kits, the Vosper ‘234’ boat and MGB 77 and I think they look very good indeed. Some might think they are expensive perhaps at around GBP95-100 (the Fairmile D GBP175), but I consider they are worth every penny. The kits have plenty of detail parts, both resin and brass etch. I suppose you could superdetail them if you wish, but isn’t that the same with any model kit you buy?

Available now.

MTB 234: with 20mm Oerlikon on foredeck.

MTB 81: with Breda 20mm on foredeck.

MGB 77/81: British Power Boat Co. 71’6” boat with a 2pdr Mk IIC.

MTB 466: as above but MTB version with a 6pdr foredeck.

MGB 673: A Fairmile D class MGB.

MGB 107/115: Same as MGB 77/81 but with a 2pdr Mk VII on Mk XVI mount.

MTB 476: Same as MGB 77/81 but with 6pdr on foredeck.

Instructions for the above kits are available to download from their website ---
The website also has details about the various extra items, guns etc which are available and the guns are mini kits in their own right.
Coastal Craft also stock the excellent figures produced by ‘Gunthwaite Miniatures’ in various forms of dress including oilskins, duffle coats and tropical dress.

There are other figures available from Milicast with three of their range suitable for MGB’s and MTB’s.

Future releases.

55’ CMB: a WW1 torpedo boat.

LRRC 007: The rescue version of the Fairmile D.

MTB : The torpedo version of the Fairmile D.

MGB 64: British Power Boat Co, early war 70’ boat.

Roger in Oz.

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