The Bari Raid

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The Bari Raid

Postby Ted Else » Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:29 pm

The web site has had a request from one of our American cousins who is attempting to help a veteran suffering from the after effects of the disasterous Bari raid In her own words:
I am seeking information about the raid on Bari, Italy that occurred 2 December 1943. I am particularly interested in the exact date of the raid and I am hopeful to find some survivors who would be willing to write a brief statement about the presence of mustard gas, what they witnessed, and especially the first ship that brought supplies to them after the raid and the approximate time/date of that arrival. Anyone with any knowledge of the SS Johns Hopkins Liberty Ship is encouraged to respond also. I am trying to help an 86 year old US Naval Armed Guard Veteran to win his compensation case with the Veterans Administration and without this information and some statements, we have little strength. We appreciate all of you veterans for your valor and dedication to your country, and send our heartfelt gratitude for any assistance you can lend.
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