Information please about MGB 57

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Information please about MGB 57

Postby gerald » Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:07 am

My village in 1942 took part in Warship Week and 'bought' a boat? This was H.M.S./M.G.B. 57. I have found a extract from a letter from Sub Lieutenant. D.G. Farrow and his crew, thanking the town for its gift. Can anyone tell me what sort of record this boat had, are any of the crew still alive etc. There is a mention of a ships badge but that appears to have vanished? does anyone have a picture of the ship itself! Basically any information at all please.

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Re: Information please about MGB 57

Postby Pioneer » Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:43 pm

Hello ‘gerald’ Welcome aboard.

If you visit our Boat Database (just type in the boat number – ie 57) you will find the basic details of the craft. Originally laid down as an order for the French Navy being requisitioned by the RN whilst still on the stocks. She was constructed as an MASB (Motor Anti Submarine Boat) but as the type quickly fell out of favour she was re-configured as an MGB.
She joined the 4th MGB Flotilla at Fowey, Portland. The Flotilla’s first Senior Officer (SO1) was Lt H Kidston RN. SO2 Lt E M Thorpe RN. SO3 Lt D Johnson RN.
In 1943 she was transferred to HMS Attack at Portland being engaged in Engine Room training and as a Despatch boat. Unfortunately we currently are not aware of any surviving crew members but hopefully someone may see your post and prove otherwise.

During the War many villages, towns and cities voluntarily contributed to the war effort by adopting boats, ships, airplanes etc by way of local fund raising.

Could you post a scanned image of S/Lt D Farrows letter please; it would certainly be most welcome.

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Re: Information please about MGB 57

Postby gerald » Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:55 pm

Hi Pioneer,
Thank you for such a wealth of information in such a short time. Unfortunately I do not have the actual letter, it was read out in a Council meeting in 1943? I do have p/copy of a letter from the Council to the Admiralty, expressing its gratitude in being allowed to adopt the ship. If I turn up anything more, I will certainly be in touch with this website to offer anything you think may be of use. I am now trying to track down the ships plaque if possible. The nearest 'large' town is Bridgend and it adopted 2 submarines H.M.S.Urge and H.M.S Tudor.

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Re: Information please about MGB 57

Postby Brian Holmes » Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:11 pm

MGB_57 British Power Boat, Hythe

Known Crew
Lt A J T Harris RN Commanding Officer MASB 57 13/9/40 MGB 57
SLt The Honourable M A Tennyson RN MASB 57 20/9/40 MGB 57
TSLt Edmund Fitzgerald Smyth RNVR TSLt MASB 57 13/9/40 MGB 57 HMS Minos II 14/8/41 5th or 7th MGB Flotilla 14/8/41 TLt 1/5/42 Commanding Officer MGB 659 23/7/43 – 7/9/43 Commanding Officer MTB 637 DSC MID Commanding Officer MGB 642 24/5/44 MID
TSLt D G Farrow RNVR TSLt 29/5/42 MGB 57 10/7/43
War Activities
Originally built for France as a MA/SB
Based at HMS Drake
4th MGB Flotilla
MGB 50, MGB 51, MGB 52, MGB 53, MGB 54, MGB 55, MGB 56 and MGB 57
7/41 At Weymouth
1/42 At Weymouth

Post War Fate

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Re: Information please about MGB 57

Postby gerald » Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:18 am

I now have a little more information now about MGB 57?. It's still a bit sketchy, but she was used in a raid on Dieppe in 1942? She was put for disposal in 1945, but was preserved, and then finally lost in a fire on 30/4/2004. This information comes from a contact at the Naval Historical Branch, but is unofficial?
I have also been told of a photo of MGB 58 in the book Home Waters MTB's & MGB's at war 1939-1945. MGB 58 is listed as being with the 6th Flotilla.
I have now received a disc of our Council's minutes regarding the ship(s) adopted during 1942 by our area, but I have not had time to view the information yet because. Bloody xmas shopping is apparently more important!
thank you for your help so far.

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Re: Information please about MGB 57

Postby Bazthecarper » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:36 pm

My Father was a telegraphist on MGB 57 from 10 May 43 to 11th June 43.

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