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MGB 331

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 4:54 pm
by Ozzie
I am searching for any information I can find about my Late Father In Law
Felix Braham
JX 368430

We recently received his service record and know that he served on MGB 331 from April 43 to October 44

Prior to that February 43 on MIdge [not sure what that is]

Lynx [grey fox] August 45
MTB 774 December 45

If anyone can provide any information that would be great
Also if there are any photos of the ships and records of where they were that would help

Re: MGB 331

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:24 pm
by Brian Holmes
MGB_331 Tough Bros Ltd, Teddington Wharf, Manor Road, Teddington 13/8/41

For an action with E Boats in the Channel 16/8/42
MID AB Richard Jane D/JX257966

New Year Honours 1945
MID Tel Thomas William Keech C/JX224790

Known Crew
TLt Noel Robert Weekes RNVR TLt 25/12/40 HMS Dolphin 16/9/40 HMS Midge 6/41 Commanding Officer MGB 331 1942 (Wounded in action 16/8/42) Commanding Officer ML 260 4/43 HMS Racer Commanding Officer ML 239 18/2/45 Born 1911 in Hendon
TLt Derek Chappe Sidebottom RNVR TLt 5/1/41 Commanding Officer MGB 330 15/11/41 MID 1942 DSC 1942 - Wounded in action 16/8/42 Commanding Officer MGB 331 8/9/42 Commanding Officer MGB 112 DSC* 1943 HMS Hornet TALtCdr HMS Beehive 1/2/44 Born 23/2/12 and died 9/96 in Bath, Somerset MID 1940
TLt N W Harton RNZNVR HMS Midge (Great Yarmouth) for minelayers 16/2/42 TLt 7/8/42 16th MGB Flotilla Based at Great Yarmouth Commanding Officer MGB 331 20/2/43 Commanding Officer MTB 630 HMNZS Cook
TLt B Blake RNZNVR TSLt 17/7/42 HMS Midge (Great Yarmouth) for minelayers 19/10/42 TLt 17/7/43 First Lieutenant MGB 313 17/7/43 Commanding Officer MGB 331 2/11/43
TSLt T P V Lawler RNVR TSLt 29/4/43 First Lieutenant MGB 331 10/6/43 First Lieutenant MGB 318 5/10/44 TLt 29/4/45
AB Richard Jane D/JX257966
AB Wa;ter Joseph Middleton P/JX 322213 Missing Presumed Killed 23/4/44 Age 23 Son of Arthur and Rose Middleton, of Plaistow, Essex
Tel Thomas William Keech C/JX224790

War Activities
16th MGB Flotilla
Based at Great Yarmouth
MGB 319, MGB 325, MGB 329, MGB 331, MGB 332, MGB 333, MGB 334 and MGB 335
1/42 At Great Yarmouth
16/8/42 MGB 6, MGB 10, MGB 324, MGB 330, MGB 331 and MGB 609 depart Dover to intercept 10th R Boat Flotilla laying mines in mid channel. Off Calais MGB 330, MGB 331 and MGB 609 engage the German force with gunfire and are all badly damaged. MGB 330 has all guns out of action but rams R 184. MGB 330, MGB 331 and MGB 609 are severely damaged and break off the action. In MGB 609, two men have been killed and two men are dying. All three officers and eight ratings have been wounded. Two R Boats are sinking. MGB 6 and MGB 10 make an attack setting an R Boat on fire, boarding it and taking either eight or fifteen prisoners. All boats return to Dover. R184 is finished off by gunfire from a coastal battery.
MGB 609 has only one working engine, no engine controls and no charts..

Post War Fate
10/45 For disposal

Re: MGB 331

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:28 pm
by Brian Holmes
SGB_4 HMS Grey Fox Yarrow (Scotstoun) 15/3/42

For an action off Cap Barfleur on 18th June 1942
MID Lt John Duff Ritchie

For an attack on R Boats off Boulogne on 9th July 1942
DSC Lt John Duff Ritchie
MID TSLt John Colville Erskine-Hill RNVR
MID StoPO Ernest Love P/KX80295

For an action with E Boats in the Channel on 29th May 1943
MID Ord Harry Haworth P/JX382772

For an action in the Channel on 27th September 1943
DSC TSLt Peter Edward Mason RNVR

For seven close range actions in the Portsmouth Area
DSC TSLt John Colville Erskine-Hill RNVR

For a series of actions in the Channel over a period of two years
DSC TLt Thomas Victor Scott RANVR
DSM StoPO Victor Landon P/KX88767
MID StoPO Charles Henry Moore C/KX80274
DSM AB John Bolton Rees C/JX227659
MID AB Terence Hugh Pickett P/JX205848

For Operation Neptune – for passage of troops and supplies during the assault on Normandy
DSM* ERA2 Edward Norman Serridge C/MX50074

Permission to wear a US award for anti E Boat patrols in the Channel in June and July 1944
LLegMer LtCdr Francis Douglas Russell-Roberts RNVR

Wind-up of the war in Europe
DSC Lt Robert George Gaunt SANF(V)
MID SLt Peter Platt RNVR
DSM AB Arthur Edwards C/JX177896

Known Crew
TLtCdr Francis Douglas Russell-Roberts RNVR TLt 3/11/40 HMS Beaver II 4/7/43 MGB 326 SGB 4 Senior Officer 52nd MTB Flotilla 8/44
TLt Robert George Gaunt SANF(V) as a rating in Winchester Castle TSLt 23/12/42 MTB 36 MTB 222 12/1/42, MTB 223 (ferry crew) 21st MTB Flotilla Based at Lowestoft, Felixstowe and Harwich MTB237 9th MTB Flotilla Based at Dover and Dartmouth MTB231 32nd MTB Flotilla First Lieutenant MTB 640 19/12/42 17th MTB Flotilla Commanding Officer MTB283 14th MTB Flotilla Based at Portland and Newhaven Commanding Officer MTB254 First Lieutenant HMS Grey Fox (SGB 4) 22/11/44 Wind-up of the war in Europe DSC Staff Officer Operations to Captain Minesweepers, Portsmouth - subsequent RN career, ending as Commanding Officer HMS Leopard (Frigate)1960 DSC 1945 Ministry of Mercantile Marine Silver Medal 2nd Class (Greece) for the rescue of vessel Argo Dilos 22.10.60 Coombs (Commanding Officer)
Lt John Duff Ritchie Commanding Officer 7/42
TLt Ronald Robert William Ashby RHKNVR TSLt 14/1/36 TLt 23/11/37 Hon Aide-de-Camp of the Governor of Hong Kong 24/2/39 2nd MTB Flotilla Based at Kowloon Commanding Officer MTB 07 26/04/40 –26/12/41 (Escaped) For services during the withdrawal from Hong Kong: (Principally for the action of 19/12/41) DSC Transferred to RNVR TLt 3/6/42 HMS Aggressive (Newhaven) 1/7/42 Commanding Officer SGB 4 10/7/42 HMS St Christopher Commanding Officer MTB 670 and Senior Officer 33rd MTB Flotilla 1/1-11/43 Naval Officer-in-Charge, Chittagong (HMS Salsette (Combined Operations base, Bombay)) 27/11/43 Senior Officer Coastal Forces (Arakan) [HMS Lanka (RN base, Colombo, Ceylon)] 7/44 For operations off the coast of Arakan from November 1943 to March 1944 MID For operations off the coast of Arakan from November 1944 to March 1945 DSC* Commanding Officer, HMS Boxer 21/3/46 TCdr 1/4/46 Commanding Officer, HMS Duncansby Head 23/6/47 DSC 1945 MID 1944 Born 9/7/10 in Watford and died 1/98 in Wayland, Norfolk Education: King's School, Canterbury. Joined Benskins, family firm of brewers at Watford, soon leaving to work in Canton
Lt K M Cutler RNR Lt 9/9/40 HMS Midge (Great Yarmouth) for minelayers 6/41 Commanding Officer SGB 4 28/12/42 Glenearn
TLt Thomas Wilson Boyd RNVR PTSLt 27/6/40 HMS Osprey, HMS Pembroke 16/9/40, TLt 27/6/41 HMS Aggressive Commanding Officer ML 160 2/42 DSO. Summer 1942 toured the US to stimulate the sale of War Bonds. Commanding Officer MGB 615 10/8/42 SGB 4 17/3/43 HMS Talybont (destroyer) 1/2/44. TALtCdr Commanding Officer HMS Broadway (destroyer) 11/44. Chairman & managing director, Boyd Line. President, Hull Fishing Vessel Owners' Association, Ltd., 1958-1962. President, British Trawlers Federation, 1964-1966 & 1969-1971. Honorary Brother of Trinity House, 1965. Deputy Lieutenant, Humberside. Born in Hull, East Yorkshire 23/9/14 and died there 20/3/87
TLt Peter Edward Mason RNVR TLt 29/5/40 HMS St Christopher for MLs 14/6/41 Commanding Officer MGB 614 1/6/42 Commanding Officer SGB 4 Grey Fox 26/7/43 TALtCdr Staff Officer Operations HMS Beehive 8/8/44
TSLt R J Scott RANVR TSLt 13/2/43 SGB 4 Grey Fox 3/5/43
TSLt John Colville Erskine-Hill RNVR TSLt First Lieutenant MTB 03 4/40 HMS Minos II (Lowestoft) 1st MGB Flotilla 1/8/41 MGB 69 12/41 First Lieutenant SGB 4 Grey Fox 1/6/42 For an attack on R Boats off Boulogne on 9th July 1942 MID For seven close range actions in the Portsmouth Area DSC TLt 1/8/43 DSC Born 23/3/21 and died in Uckfield, Sussex 11/84
TSLt J E Norton RNVR TSLt 24/11/43 SGB 4 TMD
SLt Peter Platt RNVR SGB 4 Grey Fox TSLt 6/7/44
TSLt R J Scott RNVR SGB 4 Grey Fox 3/5/43
TSLt John Cooper Rankin RNVR Fifth Officer SGB 9 Third Officer SGB 4 7/8/44 TSLt 27/8/44 MTB 781 15/11/44 training as a Fleet Air Arm Bomb Range Officer at St Merryn in Cornwall 5/45 HMS Pembroke 30/10/45 Born in Hamilton, Scotland 1924
ERA2 Edward Norman Serridge C/MX50074
StoPO Victor Landon P/KX88767
StoPO Ernest Love P/KX80295
StoPO Charles Henry Moore C/KX80274
AB Arthur Edwards C/JX177896 SGB 4 Wind-up of the war in Europe DSM
AB John Bolton Rees C/JX227659
AB Terence Hugh Pickett P/JX205848
Ord Harry Haworth P/JX382772 SGB 4 For an action with E Boats in the Channel on 29th May 1943 MID

Wartime Activities
18-9/6/42 HMS Albrighton, SGB 4, SGB 6, SGB 7 and SGB 8 attempt to intercept two German merchant vessels accompanied by E Boats that have departed Le Havre off CapBarfleur at approx. 0100.
0100 Shortly afterwards SGB 6 has an engine failure, loses contact and returned to Portsmouth
0230 HMS Albrighton makes Radar contact at about 2.5 miles. A warning signal was seen followed by a merchant vessel at 1000 yards. HMS Albrighton opened fire and fired a torpedo that missed before breaking off to allow the SGBs to attack and to illuminate with starshell. The second merchant vessel is sighted. One vessel is severely damaged by gunfire and the other is torpedoed. SGB 7 was sunk in the action.
0415 HMS Albrighton has stayed behind searching for SGB 7 but breaks off as it is growing light.
On the German side Channel Island steamer Turquoise (ex-Belgian, 810 GRT) and minesweepers R 41 are lost. - When towing R 41, auxiliary minesweeper M 3800 (ex-Dutch Stoomloodsvartuig 16,585 GRT) is next day in the Bay of St. Vaast attacked by a destroyer and runs on the beach, but is recovered and repaired
9/7/42 SGB 4 and SGB 8 are in an attack on R Boats off Boulogne
2/43 Based at HMS Aggressive, Newhaven
28-9/5/43 SGB 4, MGB 614 and MGB 615 depart Newhaven following a report of eight E boats approaching the convoy route. They sight the E boats after they have been attacked by aircraft. There is an exchange of fire before the E boats make off. MGB 614 is hit in the after crew space.
27/9/43 An action in the Channel
Operation Neptune
1944 Converted to a fast minesweeper

Post War Fate
10/47 For Disposal

Re: MGB 331

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:30 pm
by Brian Holmes
MTB_774 Sussex Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Shoreham-by-Sea 11/44

Known Crew
TLt Arthur James Aitcheson Rickards RNVR First Lieutenant MTB 14 4/40 HMS Beehive, TSLt 7/8/41 Commanding Officer MTB 31 12/42, Commanding Officer MTB 359 14/9/43, HMS Wasp 24/1/44. TLt 7/2/44 MID 1944 Commanding Officer MTB 774 8/11/44 Born 16/6/20 and died 5/5/05 in Kendal, Westmorland.
TSLt J D B Miller-Stirling RNVR TASLt HMS St Christopher for MLs 26/9/42 MTB 682 12/4/43 TSLt 28/4/43 MTB 774 1/11/44
TSLt H E Roberts RNVR TSLt 21/10/44 MTB 774 HDML 1453 2/45 HMS Golden Hind
TSLt A H Spratt RNVR TSLt 12/9/44 MTB 680 MTB 774 1/2/45
Wartime Activities
53rd MTB Flotilla
MTB 689, MTB 690, MTB 692, MTB 693, MTB 694, MTB 695 later MTB 740, MTB 755, MTB 772, MTB 775, MTB 675, MTB 664, MTB 696, MTB 768, MTB 774, MTB 778
Based at Portsmouth and Ostend
5/45 72nd MTB Flotilla
MTB 774, MTB 779, MTB 783, MTB 785, MTB 786, MTB 790, MTB 793, MTB 794
Gathering at Portland

Post War Fate
1947 Employed in blast trials in Loch Striven, Scotland where the vessel was exposed to six depth charges at a depth of 20 ft.
1948 Sold

Re: MGB 331

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:58 pm
by WadsworthM
The attached photo is either MGB 331 or was taken from MGB 331. My grandfather Cyril Wadsworth was Lieutenant Engineer on MGB 331 and was based in Teddington while it was being built and then served on it in Yarmouth at HMS Midge