MGB 17, as 610, 320, 331

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MGB 17, as 610, 320, 331

Postby LesStokes » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:44 am

My late father-in-law Brian Blake RNZVR served in the UK in MGBs; I believe in the periods as below

MGB 17 - October 41 to possibly April 42
MGB 610 - October 42 as Pilot sub lt.
MGB 313 - July 43 1st lt.
MGB 320 - ? temporary comand
MGB 331 - July 44 Commander

He returned to NZ in October 44 on leave and for a Higher Naval Course before serving in the Pacific on secondment to the RNZAF in an Air Search/Rescue role from January to July 45.

I have read the informative postings on MGB 331 and would be very interested in any further information regarding the MGBs above.

I have only hand written notes which mention MGB 320 and not 313 so I am not sure if these actually refer to the same boat.

Les Stokes
Auckland NZ

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