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ML 2220

Postby Holwell » Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:41 am

It seems the last posts on ML2220 were in 2012, but I was recently sent these by a friend who was interested in my story of living on ML2220 as a child, and I can fill a gap in the history.
My father bought ML2220 in 1958 for our family of 3 to live on. We had been living on a small yacht in Jersey since 1954 as it was not possible to buy a house without 5 years' residency. Needing something larger, my father (Ivan Holwell, formerly in RAF Air-Sea Rescue), went to the extreme of buying ML2220.
I was 8 at the time and remember it being towed into St Aubin's Harbour and moored along the quay, and my parents organising a cleaning day of the officers' quarters with a group of friends. That was where we lived, and the rest of the boat was left as a wonderful playground for me.
I think it was late 1959 when we finally moved into a house, and my understanding was that my father sold ML2220 to a wealthy builder who wanted to convert the hulk into a yacht to take to France. That memory is supported by one of the posts noting the last known destination of ML2220.

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