HDML 1395

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HDML 1395

Postby paintedblack » Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:13 pm

Looking for information on this craft as my grandfather served on this in the engine room,
I was told he was on a MTB but the pics I have are a HDML. He might have served on more than one vessel.
He was in Italy, Belfast and Portsmouth from what I remember.
Update he was at HMS Europa, and St Angelo

Brian Holmes
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Re: HDML 1395

Postby Brian Holmes » Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:20 pm

HDML_1395 McLean, Renfrew Scotland 10/43
Known Crew
TLt R W Ollis RNVR (Commanding Officer HDML 1395 6/10/43)
TLt J H Robinson RNVR (Commanding Officer HDML 1395 18/5/45)
TSLt F J Ward SANF(V) First Lieutenant HDML 1395 1/4/44
TMid P Rothwell RNVR HDML 1395 6/10/43

Wartime Activities

Post War Fate
11/46 Sold Yacht = Dorina

The Imperial War Museum have another picture

Brian Holmes (Coxswain HDML 1387 preserved in Gosport)

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