French 23rd Flotilla Vosper MTBs Kingswear 1943

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French 23rd Flotilla Vosper MTBs Kingswear 1943

Postby Hannover » Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:03 am

An original press photo from 1943 shows Vosper 72’ Motor Torpedo Boats of the 23rd Flotilla of the Royal Navy who were stationed at Kingswear at the time this photo was taken. Kingswear is located on the Dart River opposite Dartmouth in Devon. The Flotilla was manned entirely by Free French Navy personel. The Flotilla was made up of eight Vosper 72’ MTBs numbering from 90,91,92,94,96,98,227 & 239.
The photo has been heavily censored during wartime with the numbers that would have been painted on the stern of the boats obliterated and all the background has been whited out so Kingswear would have been to the left in the photo background and Dartmouth off to the right.
The Flotilla was tasked with conducting cross channel operations against German Shipping and anything else that came in their way. General Charles De Gaulle’s son Phillipe was a member of this unit during their tenure at Dartmouth.

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Re: French 23rd Flotilla Vosper MTBs Kingswear 1943

Postby Peter » Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:09 pm

It is with interest I read the details of the 23rd Flotilla, having served aboard MTB 243 in the MED, how was it decided which boats were allocated to form the 23rd & 24th Flotilla's
MTB- 81-85-86-89-97-226-242& 243 = 24th Flotilla
MTB- 90-91-92-94-96-98- 227& 239 = 23rd Fl0tilla
attached picture of MTB 243 in her war paint alongside HMS Vienna Bari Italy
With HMS Vienna at Bari.jpg

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