MTB 81 Presentation Plaque

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MTB 81 Presentation Plaque

Postby bishop775 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 5:32 pm

I recently purchased the Admiralty presentation plaque presented to Lancaster D.C.commemorating their adoption of HMMTB 81 during Warship Week in February 1942. I would very much appreciate details of the service history of MTB 81 and if at all possible a photograph of the vessel to mount alongside the plaque.
Many thanks.
MTB 81 Plaque

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Re: MTB 81 Presentation Plaque

Postby reinaart » Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:07 pm

Hi, I take it that by now you have managed to get a copy of the "Mediterranean MTBs at war" book. The book should provide the info you are looking for and it also has a pic of MTB 81. There is also another pic of MTB 81 on the internet but I haven't managed to find more than these two. I wonder if you have found more pics ?



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Re: MTB 81 Presentation Plaque

Postby Stephen » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:11 am

Hi Bishop775,

As Reinaart says, Mediterranean MTBs at War by Leonard Reynolds and H Cooper is the best place to start. There's quite a lot on her in there, including descriptions of individual engagements she was involved in. In summary she served in the 24th MTB Flotilla, initially in Home Waters and then in the Med, under the command of Lt Strong. She appears to have been heavily engaged during the Sicilian campaign and was present at the notorious Bari raid in December 1943. Strong appears to have been promoted to the 10th Flotilla in 1944 and 81 had a few different skippers. In July she accidentally struck a damaged boat, causing damage to her bows. Apparently she was already expected to be paid off, so this may have marked the end of her active career.

A few of these plaques have cropped up in recent years. You might find this post on sister boat MTB 83 of interest:

Likewise I've posted some information on sister boat MTB 85, which served in the same flotilla as 81, on my Twitter thread: ... 1826343942

And scattered all over this thread is information about MTB 227, including her plaque (although she didn't serve in the Med). You need to click on some of the posts to open the multiple replies: ... 2582204417


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