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9th MTB Flotilla

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The 9th MTB Flotilla, MTBs 201, 202, 203, 204, 229, 231, 235, 236 & 240 was initially a part Dutch, part Royal Navy flotilla, but became entirely Dutch crewed by 1943. The flotilla was based at Dover (Wasp) and Dartmouth (Cicala)

Boat Types:
MTB 201 = White 27.11.41
MTB 202 = White 12.01.42
MTB 203 = White 03.03.42
MTB 204 = White 27.03.42
MTB 229 = Vosper 19.02.42
MTB 231 = Vosper 30.07.42
MTB 235 = Vosper 16.06.42
MTB 236 = Vosper 15.04.42
MTB 240 = Vosper 06.06.42

Coastal Forces Information Sheet No. 11 shows MTB 222 & MTB 223 for the 9th MTB Flotilla, though Len Reynolds (Home Waters MTBs & MGBs) gives 222 for 22nd MTB and 223 for 21st MTB.


June 42
MTB 202 shown for Tempy Act Sub-Lieut A.G.J. Hollick under St Christopher

201 G.L. Cotton, J.D. Wardle

Aug 42 & Oct 42
229 A McDougall J.T.Holman
236 C.L.G. Philpotts (SO), R.Q Drayson

Oct 42
201 J.D. Wardle

Oct 42
231 R.G. Fison R.G. Gaunt

June 1943
236 C.L.G. Philpotts (SO), A McDougall
231 R.G. Fison, R.C. Hamborg


MTB 201
Motor Mechanic John Ethelbert Ladmore
Service No: P/MX 79496 Navy: Royal Navy Date: 15th June 1942 Age: 19

Leading Stoker Harold Rowe
Service No: C/KX 88895 Navy: Royal Navy Date: 15th June 1942


Lieutenant George L COTTON (649) RNVR

Stoker 1st Class Robert Jenkins Spinks CGM

In action against the enemy all the engineroom staff were killed or seriously wounded save Stoker Spinks, whose leg was broken. A fire started in the engine-room but he put it out. Later he was wounded in the other leg, but insisted on being lowered into the engine-room, now in darkness and full of fumes. Here, he gave orders to other members of the crew and got the boat under way, but at length fainted from exhaustion. By his great devotion to duty the ship's company were saved.

Leading Seaman Albert E COLLINS DSM

MTB 202
Lieutenant Etienne Henri Larive RNethN DSC

Petty Officer Telegraphist Gerardue Adrianus Dekker RNethN DSM

MTB 203
Stoker O/M Antonius Franciscus Verbeek
Royal Netherlands Navy Date: 18th May 1944 Age: 28

Lieutenant Etienne Henri Larive RNethN DSC

MTB 204
Lieutenant William Adrian De Looze RNethN DSC
Lieutenant Herman Cornelis Jorissen RNethN DSC
Lieutenant Herman Cornelis Jorissen (1544) RNethN MID
Lieutenant Christopher Louis George Phillpotts RN MID
Petty Officer Cornelis Van Kruiningen RNethN DSM

MTB 236
Sub-Lieutenant Robert Quested Drayson RNVR DSC

Related flotilla officers with books

Lieutenant Michael Osbert Frederick Forsyth-Grant (1006) RNVR MTB 437
Courage in Adversity

Francis Arthur Michael Bray
One Young Man's War, 1939-46

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Re: 9th MTB Flotilla

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These images supplied by Jacques Bartels are of 'blood' flags for the Dutch 9th MTB Flotilla, one of which is held by the Royal Netherlands Naval Museum at Den Helder.

It is thought the graphics and number possible depict statistics for the flotilla. There are 10 ships, separated into two sections of seven and three, 23 oblong shapes and 16 spheres, which may represent 7 merchant ships claimed sunk, and 3 warships, 23 torpedoes or occasions on which torpedoes were discharged at targets, 16 mine laying sorties which elements of the 9th MTB were known to have carried out, and then 781 as the total number of patrols/sorties carried out by the flotilla as a whole.

If anyone has any more specific information on the flags we would be pleased to hear from you.

9th MTB Flotilla Blood Flag
9th MTB Flotilla Blood Flag

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