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Forum Redevelopment

Postby Admin » Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:26 pm

Having been online for over two years now, it was felt the existing forum topics were not serving the forum and its posts as well as they might, and that the time had come for a comprehensive overhaul of the board, to improve its usability, and help provide a better experience for readers.

The majority of the forum's existing posts tended to be split between the two previous categories of Welcome and Royal Navy, with subjects of a similar nature being posted within each. Using these posts as a guide, and making a careful study of each to discern their content, and not just their subject title, we have developed a new schema for the forum, into which existing posts have been moved.

Since the new forum categories have been derived from subjects written by the users themselves, it is hoped they will prove easy to understand by new and existing users alike, whilst providing readers with a clearer and more immediate sense of the contents of the forum, and its focus, on Royal Navy Coastal Forces.

We apologise in advance to recent posters who will find all their posts have been moved, but trust that the new forum categories will prove intuitive in use, and that posts will easily be found again within a relevant topic. Finally we hope everyone enjoys using the new look forum, and finds the redevelopment work to have been worthwhile.

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