VIDEO - Launching of Burma 'Dark' T201

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VIDEO - Launching of Burma 'Dark' T201

Postby Dave Mills » Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:30 pm

This short film clip shows the launching of Saunders-Roe built Dark Class T201 for Burma. This was the first of five all aluminium hulled FPBs for Burma. They were fitted with additional electic 'slow speed' drives for silent working along creeks and estuaries to track smugglers and pirates.
This was the first time the company launched a boat in style by letter her roll freely into the cold waters of the Menai Strait. It was accomplished by a signal being sent to a man with a sledge hammer who knocked a pin out of a the restraining link. There was some pretty ripe language heard when it didn't come free on first strike of the hammer. Much coughing was heard and many red faces were seen!
(Ignore the date stamp as this was when the film was copied to video tape)

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