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Posting Guidelines

Postby Admin » Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:43 pm

The following is offered by way of help & advice when posting to the forum:

Subjects for Posts
When entering a title for your post in the subject title box, please try to keep the title brief yet descriptive, avoiding vague or ambiguous subject titles e.g. use a specific title like MBG 658 at Komiza rather than MGB Enquiry, or Able Seaman John Smith (MGB 647) rather than My Dad's Boat

Also, when referencing boat pennant numbers either in titles or in text, please separate the lettering of boat types from their numbers with a space e.g. MTB 671 and not MTB671

Choosing a Forum
Inevitably the subject matter for certain posts may fit more than one topic (e.g. Motor Torpedo Boat and Personnel) in which case authors should consider the primary focus for their post, and choose the forum that seems the most appropriate, using posts already contained in the forum as a guide. The forum admin may always move posts to a more appropriate category later if needs be.

Posting Images
Users may post up to six images per individual post. The image dimensions for display within posts are set to a maximum width and height of 714 pixels. Images whose dimensions are larger than this, will have thumbnails with the correct size for display within posts, generated for them automatically on adding the file. Before uploading images, please try and remove spaces from the names of files, as unlike operating systems such as Windows, spaces are not permitted in file names on systems used to host web sites. Ideally spaces should be replaced with a hyphen e.g mgb-64-felixstowe.jpg rather than MGB 64 at Felixstowe.jpg. Also please try and give reasonably descriptive names to image files prior to uploading them, such as in the example above.

Please be mindful of the fact that all images on the web or in books are invariably the copyright of a person or organisation, even when not expressly stated, and only post images whose copyright belongs to yourself, or that you have permission for, or that you know to be in the public domain and no longer subject to copyright.

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