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RML Mini Reunion

Written by: CFVA News Editor

Members of crew of RML 511. Left to right: Peter Stepto, Bill Carey, Gerry Maddams and Gordon Guest

Former crew members of RML 511 held a mini-reunion at Butlins South Coast World in July. Thus was a result of a chat by three members who attended the Hayling Island A.G.M. and Reunion. During their conversation they wondered what had happened to other Shipmates.

Someone mentioned Gerry Maddams of whom they knew he Iived in Worthing but no one knew if he was still alive. So member 3187, Peter Stepto, decided to do something about it. He went to Gerry‘s area and made enquiries at a pub which he knew Gerry used to have a drink. On enquiries there nobody had seen him for 25 years. But Peter‘s luck was in. It being a very hot day, a casual customer came in for a pint, overheard he conversation and approached Peter. “If you’re looking for Gerry Maddams, he lives across the road from my greengrocer’s”. Soon the two former Shipmates met and a re-union arranged.

At Butlins, the organisation‘s Press Officer, Sharon Staples discovered why the four former sailors were meeting. So she arranged for photos to be taken and the local newspaper ran their story. Kindly she also had one couple‘s accommodation upgraded at no extra charge.

Seen here are, from left to right: Peter Stepto, Bill Carey, Gerry Maddams and Gordon Guest.

Now they are keeping in touch with six other former Shipmates and have learned that six others have passed on. As for RML 511, they discovered that she was sold in 1986 to a Dutchman and she is believed to be in Holland. Friends of Mr Stepto are now watching out for the old ship.

CFVA News: Edition: September 1998 Volume: 95 Page: 49