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East Anglia Branch June 2009

Here is CFVA’s Anglian Branch second Newsletter. There’s quite a lot to include this month, so we have reduced the typeface, and printed on both sides to keep postage to a minimum. Anglia Branch enjoyed… Read More

South London Branch June 2009

Seventeen members attended the Branch Meeting on 7th June at the Sea Cadet’s new base: TS Trafalgar. Chairman Charles Baker opened the Meeting by welcoming those present, and Branch Padre the… Read More

London Branch April 2009

In view of our advancing years we must expect sad losses and this time we received the news that Eddie Dibley’s wife, Rene, had died peacefully on Sunday 8th April. Eddie had retired from his job as Secretary… Read More

South London Branch April 2009

Thank you London, East Anglian and North Midland branches for your newsletters received recently. I have finally decided that it’s about time I pulled my finger out and responded with news from this branch.… Read More

East Lancashire Branch March 2009

Six members attended and five members sent their apologies. Secretary Len Mears gave the exhortation The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Secretary Len the read out appropriate parts of… Read More

London Branch February 2009

Last time it was 'Merry Christmas', this issue it is 'Happy New Year'. I think we all realise that 2008, with the loss of three of our members—Howard Spencer and George Heard who were recorded earlier… Read More

East Lancashire Branch January 2009

The meeting of 18th January 2009 was saddened by news of the loss of three popular members since the last meeting in November: Sid Bancroft, Eric Crowther and Stan Stevenson. All present expressed their… Read More

London Branch December 2008

“They” say that time flies. “They” are probably right! Is it because of our age that we cannot always remember what we did yesterday? But we can’t can we? How many times has someone asked what we did… Read More

East Anglia Branch August 2008

Hello Shipmates:- It was rather a dull day to dedicate the Plaque at Lowestoft, but to see and hear once again those shipmates voices made it all worth while, and the day seemed brighter and our hearts… Read More