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East Anglia Branch August 2008

Hello Shipmates:- It was rather a dull day to dedicate the Plaque at Lowestoft, but to see and hear once again those shipmates voices made it all worth while, and the day seemed brighter and our hearts… Read More

London Branch August 2008

Thinking about it, we at the London Branch have been pretty fortunate over many years in having at our disposal venues where we were able to hold our bi-monthly meetings—not easily arranged in Central… Read More

East Lancashire Branch May 2008

The meeting held on May 18th 2008 was attended by only four stalwarts, so Secretary Len Mears decided that the meeting would not be the usual formal one. Apologies were received from Chairman Frank Hayworth,… Read More

Wales Branch May 2008

Eleven members attended the AGM which was followed by the usual Branch meeting. The Chairman, John Hall, welcomed one and all, especially Dennis and Margaret Cooke, who had the Minutes of the last AGM… Read More

East Anglia Branch May 2008

The major item that Les could report is that he fell down the stairs—and it was not even tot time. (Must be a sign that he’s “getting on a bit”). Lt Cdr Davis RN (CFHT) has given him dates of unveiling… Read More

London Branch May 2008

This newsletter refers to our activity during the two months from our previous Branch meeting (March) to the latest, held on 18th May. A copy will be posted to all our Branch members and a courtesy copy… Read More