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Coastal Forces Veterans Association

From time to time we receive enquiries from persons, regarding donations or bequests to the Coastal Forces Veterans Association (CFVA). The CFVA may be familiar to those whose loved ones served with Coastal Forces, and who later joined the association. The CFVA was officially wound up in April 2007 after some thirty-three years of valued service to its membership. However, a number of branches elected to carry on independently after that date, with London Branch being one of the last remaining.

CFVA London Branch

The London Branch still meets regularly onboard HMS Belfast, moored on the Thames at London, and produces a quarterly newsletter that is distributed amongst its own membership. It also provides funding for the Coastal Forces Veterans web site, and intends allocating any donations it may receive in future to the web site, to secure its long-term future.

Coastal Forces Veterans (

The Coastal Forces Veterans web site is entirely funded by the London Branch of the former Coastal Forces Veterans Association. The site is run on a not-for-profit basis, and is the creation of a small team of volunteers who are themselves members of the London Branch. The web site is intended to serve as a permanent memorial to all who served with Coastal Forces, and aims to record and preserve its history for the benefit of future generations.

Making a Donation

If you would like to make a donation to CFVA London Branch, you may do so by writing in the first instance to the London Branch Treasurer.

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