Coastal Forces Veterans - Privacy policy

This policy explains how “Coastal Forces Veterans” uses any information collected during any session of usage by you.

Your information is collected via two ways. Firstly, browsing “Coastal Forces Veterans” causes the phpBB software to create a number of cookies, which are small text files, or cookies, downloaded on to your device via your web browser as temporary files. They contain your user identifier, if logged in, and an anonymous session identifier automatically assigned by the phpBB software. A third cookie will be created once you have browsed topics within “Coastal Forces Veterans” and is used to store topics have been read to improve your user experience.

Your account will consist of a unique user name, a personal password used for logging into your account, and a personal, valid email address. Your information for your account at “Coastal Forces Veterans” is protected by data-protection laws applicable in the UK. You will have the option to opt-in aor opt-out of any automatically generated emails from the phpBB board, such as forum notifcations.

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