MTBs and SOE From Bardia to Crete - April 1942

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MTBs and SOE From Bardia to Crete - April 1942

Postby Colin W » Mon Aug 29, 2022 1:36 pm

Hi All,

I'm researching an April 1942, 10th Flotilla and SOE operation, to take SOE agents from Bardia to Crete, apparently codenamed Operation Leader.

It's mentioned on Page 37 of Mediterranean MTBs at War, Reynolds and Cooper, as follows:

" Throughout this period, the boats on standby or 'resting' in Alexandria were called up for clandestine work...They landed or picked up Greek agents or small Army reconnaissance units on Crete. A typical example was Operation Leader on 15 April [1942], when 259 (Allan) and 264 (Austin) sailed from Bardia to Crete to land four agents, and brought back eight men for return to Egypt. "

I'd very much luck to locate and read any Report of Proceedings or other documents or mentions of this operation - either at the National Archives, or elsewhere.

I'm working my way through the references at the rear of the book and I'm searching elsewhere, but any assistance or pointers from knowledgable forum members to help me narrow-down or pinpoint my search, would be very much appreciated!

Best regards,

Colin W

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