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MTB 605 of the 17th MGB Flotilla
  MGB 605 of the 17th MGB Flotilla


The Loss of MTB 2009

Lieutenant-Commander Robert Michael Marshall DSC who was killed along with twenty-three other crew members onboard MGB 2002 when it was mined in the Skagerrak while on passage to Sweden

Skagerrak, Norway: 12th May 1945

MGB 2002 sailed from Aberdeen at 0800 hours on the 11th May 1945 on a mission to Gothenberg, Sweden. The Commanding Officer of MGB 2002, Lt Cdr 'Jan' Mason SANF(V), had been called to Buckingham Palace to receive the Distinguished Service Cross for his work in command of MGB 318. His place was taken by Lt Cdr 'Mike' Marshall who at the time was Senior Officer of the flotilla in MGB 2009. The boat's normal complement of crew was increased for the trip by the inclusion of several senior officers, including the Flotilla Engineer Officer, Lt Cdr (E) Hughes-Coppins, Lt Cdr Brian Reynolds, who had served as Brian Bingham in the RNR, and Captain Herbert Jackson. Bingham and Jackson had been engaged in the wartime blockade running of ball bearings from Sweden to the Humber, in boats of the same class as MGB 2002. The party were sailing to Gothenburg to arrange the transfer from that port to the UK of two merchant vessels used as stores ships in those operations, when the boat struck a mine in the Skagerrak off southern Norway, and sank more or less immediately, leaving only two survivors.

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