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the crew of mtb 255
  MTB 460 of the 29th MTB Flotilla at sea in the Spring of 1944. (© Libraries & Archives Canada)


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On this day: 9th April

Telegraphist Eric Greenall (H.M.M.L. 155)

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them


The Sinking of MTB 710

George Chandler who was onboard MTB 710 when it sank after striking a mine

The Adriatic: 10th April 1945

April sees the anniversary of the sinking of MTB 710, a Fairmile 'D' Dogboat lost in the Adriatic on the 10th April 1945, after striking an acoustic mine. A large section of her crew were below decks at the time of the incident, and sixteen members of crew drowned as her forward section sank.

George Chandler MID, one of the survivors from the boat, provides a poignant account of the day's events, in an article linked to below.

The Sinking of MTB 710