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the crew of mtb 255
  MTB 460 of the 29th MTB Flotilla at sea in the Spring of 1944. (© Libraries & Archives Canada)


The Ostend Disaster

Aftermath of the fire and explosion in Ostend harbour © Library and Archives Canada

Ostend, Belgium: 14th February 1945

February 14th sees the anniversary of an incident that occurred three months prior to the end of the Second World War in Europe; one which saw the greatest single loss of men and boats of Coastal Forces in a catastrophic accident which took place at Ostend in Belgium. Sixty-two sailors were killed, and others injured, when twelve boats were destroyed in a fire and explosion.

Ostend had recently become home to the battle hardened 55th MTB Flotilla and the Canadian 29th MTB Flotilla, along with a mobile base unit for servicing the boats. The 29th MTB Flotilla, had been formed in March 1944 using Canadian crews, with Royal Navy supplied 72’ 6” British Power Boats.

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