East Lancashire Branch News

East Lancashire Branch May 2011

No minutes this time, only a newsletter to bring you up to date with recent events, the reason will become obvious as you read on. At the date of the above meeting (15th May) there were only 3 of us.… Read More

East Lancashire Branch November 2009

Joe Smith reported that, as always on that Sunday of the year, they met at the Torpedo Memorial to honour our fallen shipmates. There were so many of them, and now so few veterans remaining. In fact their… Read More

East Lancashire Branch October 2009

Due to his continued absence on sick leave following his accident, Secretary Len Mears DSM reported that his ‘Report’ had been prepared by Chairman Frank Hayworth. Frank was also was responsible for carrying… Read More

East Lancashire Branch September 2009

Frank regretted that the Branch would be unable to attend the Remembrance Service at Bury this year but he would ask the Sea Cadets to represent them. However the Branch would attend a Service and wreath… Read More

East Lancashire Branch March 2009

Six members attended and five members sent their apologies. Secretary Len Mears gave the exhortation The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Secretary Len the read out appropriate parts of… Read More

East Lancashire Branch January 2009

The meeting of 18th January 2009 was saddened by news of the loss of three popular members since the last meeting in November: Sid Bancroft, Eric Crowther and Stan Stevenson. All present expressed their… Read More

East Lancashire Branch May 2008

The meeting held on May 18th 2008 was attended by only four stalwarts, so Secretary Len Mears decided that the meeting would not be the usual formal one. Apologies were received from Chairman Frank Hayworth,… Read More