London Branch News

London Branch Winter 2020

This edition incorporates news from both London and South London Branches with a report on last year's Remembrance Service held onboard HMS Belfast Read More

London Branch February 2017

While I was away this past six months (you hadn't noticed?), there was some talk that as the regular attendance at our quarterly Belfast meetings was decreasing somewhat, we should think about reducing… Read More

London Branch December 2016

Due mainly to travelling difficulties the October branch meeting was again a very diminished affair, but luckily it was judged able to convene with the bare minimum number of members present.

Read More

London Branch August 2016

Usually I take pleasure in first recording the business of our latest (17th July) Branch Meeting. But this time it's different. There wasn't one. It was particularly disappointing - and embarrassing -… Read More

London Branch June 2016

As is usual, immediately prior to the recent branch meeting, members of the Branch Committee took advantage to hold a quick meeting to discuss 'urgent matters'. The first matter was easily dismissed:… Read More

London Branch March 2016

Our Branch Meeting on Sunday 21st February was a rather 'thin' affair but a pleasant and useful one nevertheless. Although our two Read More

London Branch December 2015

I am sorry to report that Wallis Randall finally succumbed to his long illness. Shortly following that sad news, we learned that Sea Cadet Read More

London Branch September 2015

This page was to have been written by our Chairman Ken Gadsdon, but due to his indisposition I have been volunteered. The main thing to report is that we had a very successful summer social on board HMS… Read More

London Branch June 2015

This edition plays catch-up to combine branch reports from March and May of 2015. Recently appointed Branch Chairman Ken Gadsdon writes on the subject of new members and donations made to London Branch,… Read More