East Anglia Branch News

East Anglia Branch March 2010

Dear Shipmates. Welcome to CFVA’s East Anglia Branch March 2010 newsletter. Firstly, what an unwelcome and pretty miserable Winter we have been having. As we are not getting any younger, keeping warm… Read More

East Anglia Branch October 2009

There are not too many of us left these days, so we feel in East Anglia we should keep the CF Veterans ‘flag’ flying as long as we can. To emphasise this, our Branch suffered the devastating news that… Read More

East Anglia Branch June 2009

Here is CFVA’s Anglian Branch second Newsletter. There’s quite a lot to include this month, so we have reduced the typeface, and printed on both sides to keep postage to a minimum. Anglia Branch enjoyed… Read More

East Anglia Branch August 2008

Hello Shipmates:- It was rather a dull day to dedicate the Plaque at Lowestoft, but to see and hear once again those shipmates voices made it all worth while, and the day seemed brighter and our hearts… Read More

East Anglia Branch May 2008

The major item that Les could report is that he fell down the stairs—and it was not even tot time. (Must be a sign that he’s “getting on a bit”). Lt Cdr Davis RN (CFHT) has given him dates of unveiling… Read More