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London Branch December 2010

Written by London Branch | Posted on 17th December 2010

Secretary's Report

Hello again. It was great to see the November Branch meeting so well attended. There was a slight hitch just prior to the Chairman commencing business, when one of our members (no names of course) approached the Secretary to persuade the Chairman to hang on a bit because a call of nature required the members’ absence. When informed of the circumstances, those present greeted the announcement with cries of protest which reached new heights when the cause of the delay came back with a smile on his face feeling so much better. Isn’t it nice when things aren‘t too formal?

Just a week prior to the Branch meeting the annual Remembrance Service was observed on HMS Belfast and those present included Senior Naval figures and others, who were guests of the City of London Sea Cadets, together with CFVA members and their guests. We are sure that all would like to express their appreciation to those involved in the arrangements and also to members of the Sea Cadets Parents and Supporters Association (PASA) for the behind the scenes efforts in providing the fine buffet and refreshments. Those CFVA members who receive the Branch Meeting minutes will also note additional information available therein.

During the buffet a raffle was held that realised the sum of £127.00 and at the November meeting members voted for this to be sent in the form of a donation to Help the Heroes fund. A cheque for this has been drawn by the Branch Treasurer and has been sent to the fund.

Branch AGM

Another reminder that the Branch AGM. is due to be held on the 16th January 2011. Details regarding nominations so far are contained within the November Branch Meeting minutes. Special efforts have been made prior to the coming AGM to encourage members to come forward and bring the Branch Committee up to full strength and thus provide a wider input of views and opinions. From the results so far, this will hopefully be achieved at the January AGM. providing the nominations received so far are approved.

With the delivery of Christmas cards in full swing, no reminders are necessary to tell us that the festive season is upon us. This being so, the Branch Committee would like to take the opportunity to wish all members and Associates and all our friends a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


No sippers on this occasion.

Tots of Rum

Strange how a scrap of paper can bring back memories of long ago. The scrap of paper in this case was a copy of a letter from the C.O. of MTB. 752 to The Paymaster (S) HMS. Attack (Portland).
It went thus :-

To… The Paymaster (S) HMS Attack
4th. February 1945.
From… The Commanding Officer, HM. MTB. 752.

This is to certify that 7 tots rum were issued to members of the ship‘s company of HM. MTB. 752 on the 1st. February 1945.

The issue was given, under the supervision of an officer, to men who had entered the water to help in the rescue o£ a rating who had fallen over the side. Letter to the Senior Officer, 66th. MTB. Flotilla, 312145 refers.

The condition of the rescued rating is not known, but the fact that seven of the crew were involved (unless someone had more than one tot) would indicate the situation was of a serious nature.

But all credit to the fact that Paymaster (S) was notified so that he, presumably, would debit the 7 tots against future supplies. It shows meticulous control, thought necessary where rum was concerned. And it was 7 tots!

An Error!!

ln the October issue of the Newsletter, the CFVA Wales Branch was wrongly included with Branches that have closed. This is not the ease and they are still in business. Apologies have been sent, the error was due to incorrect information held by the London Branch.