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North Midlands Branch August 2009

Written by North Midlands Branch | Posted on 14th August 2009

Secretary Colin Severn

Chairman Ken Birkinshaw welcomed the 19 members present at this meeting of 13th August 2009. 3 apologies for absence were received. As the Branch Rum Bosun, Frank Ryan, was off on an extended trip to friends in Germany we would need a voluntary replacement for that revered office for the next two meetings. Margaret Lunt gave the Prayers and Ken gave the Exhortation. Secretary Colin Severn expressed members’ pleasure to receive Reports from other Branches. Currently East Lancs, East Anglia, London, and South London. Treasurer Syd Willoughby reported that our finances were in good order. His report was approved and accepted. In the Welfare Report from the Secretary, the good news came first: the ’youngsters’ Syd and Pauline Farrow celebrated their diamond wedding on August 20th. Congratulations from us all. Sadly, there were messages of sympathy to several members and/or their wives, including Stan Clayton, whose wife is critically ill, Margaret, who had recently lost her two brothers on the same day, and Albert Little, but whose health is now slowly improving.

Social Secretary’s Report

Two more Diamond Weddings were announced:- Eric and Mona, who brought a large carton of wine to the Meeting to celebrate theirs with members present, and Eric and Joan Eardley, who would be enjoying theirs while in Malta on their Heroes Return 2 trip. The South Yorkshire Boat Club (SYBC) had kindly presented the Branch with a large bottle of ‘Pusser’s’ rum and, as it was considered to be too good for our Rum Locker, it will be included in the prizes at our Christmas party. Members enjoyed a delightful day at the invitation of the SYBC. First, we were distributed around several of their members’ boats and enjoyed a few hours sailing (and drinking) before tying up at the Basin. Then we enjoyed ‘big eats’ followed by an excellent party with entertainment by both sides. We retired at around 16.00hrs, full of good food and drink, with a lovely feeling of good fellowship to keep us in mind for the next time. We express our heartfelt thanks again to members of SYSC and hope that they will join us at our Christmas Party. Next Meeting 10th September Secretary Colin Severn