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North Midlands Branch July 2010

Written by North Midlands Branch | Posted on 8th July 2010


The Chairman welcomed everyone for coming and asks if all have signed the register.

Members 7, Associate members 5. Apologises: Albert & Kath Littlewood, Ken Nicholson, Betty and Clem Mills, Joan Eardley. Rev Margaret Lunt gave the prayers. The Chairman gave the Exhortation. We all stood in remembrance of Ted Arnolds wife Joyce, who we heard had passed away. The chairman welcomed Syd and Pauline Farrow, they have not been for a while, their friends Mr & Mrs Bird brought them. No steward today Margaret and Peter on holiday, but they arranged tea and coffee for us.

Secretary’s Report


  • Letter from Eden Camp, an Invitation to attend the All Services Remembrance Parade on the 12th September
  • South London Branch April Newsletter to read out
  • CFVA London Branch Newsletter to read out. Ted O’Brien interested in the MTB section and took away for further reading.
  • East Lancashire Branch Newsletter to read out.

The secretary reported he had contacted the CFVA web site and asked if they could publish some of our minutes and they agreed (No rude jokes)!!

Report on proceedings of the plaque

This is now available to see at the meeting. The bill of £172.73 has been paid by the branch. I hope all our members think this is a good piece of work. We now need to decide if one of our members would like to go down to Gosport and hand over the plaque, and can we raise funds to assist in this. Arrangement would have to be made at the other end. I hope Clem who has also been instrumental in this plaque could again help in this matter, once agreements been made.

Eric Hirst asked the secretary if he could find out the progress of the new museum and would it be complete this year or before we all pass away. The secretary said he would try. I have emailed our Ex-National Secretary Clem Mills for guidance, his reply was he understood the concern with respect to the speed in which negotiations are being carried out by the Naval Authorities and the Heritage Trust,the last time he heard, discussions were going well and that the Museum at the old Hospital in Gosport was well on the way.Clem said he would ask for a update.

Treasurers Report

Syd Willoughby reported finances are now being reduced £172.73 paid for the plaque to go with our standard, £175 paid for the remainder of our afternoon out at the Consort Suite (War Theme) and £100 donation to our Rev Margaret Lunt for all her hard work, not only does she attend every meeting but invites us for our remembrance services in church and acts as a almoner and checks on our members who are not well. Well Done Margaret. This leaves us £108 in the ‘kitty’ enough to survive on. Proposed by Syd Farrow, seconded by Ted O’Brien.

Welfare and Social Report

The afternoon 'Do' at the Consort Suite is on 29th this month—the last seat taken by Hilda Anderson today. I suggest you come early if you are in the car, this is popular and car park was full when I went on to pay the bill on Wednesday. Suggest around 11.15 am. It was decided at this meeting to fund the rest of the amount from the branch,so all members paid £5 deposit the rest has come from branch funds. None members unfortunately must pay the full cost, That is a further £8.75p each on the day to the secretary. All ‘none shows’ must be paid for. Directions as follows. This given as a drawing and members who needed it obtained a copy. I will be meeting Syd & Helen Willoughby at our club car park and will go in convoy  to the venue 11am. If anyone unsure please contact me and we will wait for you. They tell me it’s only a ‘hop skip and jump’ from the old venue you used to attend.

Day out at the South Yorkshire Boat club was again a great success with the SYBC entertaining us royally, we all again managed to get on the boats,some brought to the key side for the less mobile, 5 boats went out altogether and ‘drinks’ on board flowed. I was driving so no drinks for me, but, after the lunch and entertainment, I’m afraid Joan took me home!!! We had a singer all through the day (Dean Martin look alike?) Bingo from ‘Nobby’ and a raffle. I won the bottle of rum we brought, and we will use it at the Consort suite.

Day out at the Wakefield Cathedral for Armed Forces Day, went well. Nine people attended, Eric and Mona Hirst, Stan Clayton, buddy Bernard Hall, Hilda Anderson, Ken Nicholson and daughter, myself and Joan. This was a good service and all the surrounding Mayors and dignitaries were present. Pity about England playing at the same time, but by all accounts we didn’t miss much.

Report on Freda Connah. Card to sign. Ken reports Freda not very good she is in Ashfield Hospital, her speech has gone and cannot walk. Report on Betty Mills. Email to read out from Clem. Spoke to Joan Eardley, she would have loved to come today but, because she felt so well she has overdone it and now, not so well. Her treatment going well and hopes to be at our next meeting. Ken Nicholson phoned and apologised, going to Dover tomorrow (Friday) and Anne wants to rest her foot (sore) before driving there. Going for the dedication of the plaque there. Photos to follow I hope!! Albert Littlewood upset he and Kath have to miss another meeting. Albert has to take Kath for a hospital appointment. They have just come back from a weeks holiday in Bridlington and enjoyed good weather all week.

Last report that Tom Charlesworth one of our staunch members is now in a home. Card to send. Also Alf Tales could not make it, his son unable to bring him. Alf is now having problems.


  • June 2nd Tom Charles Worth
  • July 17th Ken Birkinshaw
  • August 9th Phyllis Ward

Any other business

Date of next Meeting September 9th. Is this Trafalgar time? Do we want a meal? If so all meals now ordered must be honoured by members and paid even if you do not turn up. Kitty getting small!! It was decided to order Pie ‘n’ Peas & chips!! For the next meeting. I will ring round you all before then to see who wants them. (before I go to Helsinki again). Will try and attach some photos of our days out.

C Severn (Secretary)