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North Midlands Branch July 2011

Written by North Midlands Branch | Posted on 19th July 2011

Charirman's Report

Chairman welcomed everyone for attending, all signed the register.


  • Syd and Pauline Farrow
  • Ken Nicholson and Phyllis Ward


Margaret Lunt to give prayers. Chairman gave the Exhortation. Hope Margaret and Peter, Stewards, had a nice time away and thank you for the coffee 'n' tea at our last meeting you left out Secretary’s Report. Letter from the East Lancs Branch read. So sorry to learn their branch was also closing. Also about the state of their memorial, my father Ernie Severn knew members there when he was alive and I have a photo of him stood next to it. Very fine it is too. The secretary reported, Information on efforts to send our minutes to the coastal forces web site, with successful conclusion, and a print out of the results. Maybe more members could check this web site out. We will try again this month. No other correspondence.

Treasurer’s Report

Syd Willoughby again reports our finances improving despite our best efforts to reduce this. But I’m sure it will come in handy on our last meeting. Albert Littlewood and Kath managed our meeting and to prove it gave the branch a £20 note! Albert always likes to donate, Thank you very much.

Welfare and Social Report

A phone call from Ken Nicholson at the last minute to say not very well and of course unable to pick Phyllis Ward up on the way. Margaret the stewardess cancelled the pie 'n' peas for them Also Hilda had seen Edith Oliver, one of our lost members on a bus and she is still doing well. If you get minutes of the meeting Edith please come to our last meeting in October 13th. This has been a very successful month with our visit to the Consort Suite for Lunch on June 23rd, which was very nice, with free wine followed by big money Bingo then music hall singing and Dancing. I have brought photos to the meeting of fellow members enjoying themselves. Hope you don’t have one of me!!!!
north midlands branch at consort suite lunch
Fun in the ward room: North Midlands Coastal Forces veterans at Consort Suite for Lunch
north midlands branch at consort suite lunch
North Midlands Coastal Forces veterans getting into the spirit of things at the Consort Suite!
Then another super day on Sunday 26th June at the South Yorkshire Boat Club when again the sun was out in full force (we always drop on for a lovely day there). We again were greeted with Tea and Coffee and biscuits and shown our plaque we presented to them on our 'late Christmas party' and behold they had mounted it in-between their plaques of honour. See photos again taken on the day. Then cruising took place from the Basin and into the canal system where we enjoyed a hour or so being entertained on board. Then the afternoon fun in the ward room Raffle, lunch, bingo with 'bouts' of singing in-between, so they could sell more tickets. We supplied a litre of Grouse and a pint of Rum and made a Rum corner where we invited everyone to 'partake' and by gum they did! Two bottles emptied in no time. (Ken our Chairman) took the tray round for seconds. I must say as we near our end of the branch in October we still are able to enjoy ourselves. And now. The Quiz, Bingo, Raffle then Pie Chips 'n' Peas. The quiz was too easy!! Need I say the 'Lucky Corner' went away with most of the Bingo money and Raffle prizes!!!

South Yorkshire Boat Club Outing

north midlands branch plaque displayed in South Yorkshire Boat Club
North Midlands branch plaque, presented to South Yorkshire Boat Club, and mounted in-between their plaques of honour
cruising on the canal at south yorkshire boat club
Cruising the basin and into the canal system at South Yorkshire Boat Club
portrait of hilda anderson
Former Wren Hilda Anderson who helped repair Coastal Forces boats and equipment

Any other business

It was proposed to invite the SYB Club to our last meeting and have a nice set lunch. This was agreed by all. Invitation will be sent out. I spoke to Margaret after the meeting a she suggested a nice cold mixed meat lunch we have had before. Price to be arranged. Numbers of people attending to be sorted out —'not long now'. It was also proposed that some form of recognition to our two senior organisers, Ken our Chairman and Syd our Treasurer, who have held their posts for many years and without them the branch could have closed years ago be sort. This achieved some embarrassment for the two members. If anyone has any ideas please see me (I'm sure we could keep a secret) Date of next meeting August 11th.