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North Midlands Branch June 2011

Written by North Midlands Branch | Posted on 22nd June 2011

Chairman's Report

The Chairman welcomed everyone for attending and asks if all have signed the register. Members present 8, Associates 4, Friends 4, Total 16: Apologises from Albert and Kath Littlewood, Eric and Mona Hirst also report that Phyllis Ward not too well and felt she could not make it. Hope you are better Phyllis for the Consort Suite lunch dinner. Margaret Lunt gave prayers. For all sick and could not make it and all the young men in the services today serving abroad in conflicts. Chairman gave the Exhortation. Sorry that our steward and stewardess are away this month but tea and coffee should be available, we wish them a nice time away. Sandwiches supplied by Joan Severn today. No other business from last month’s minutes that were sent out i.e. closing of the branch in October.

Secretary’s Report


Several letters to read out:
  • CFVA London
  • East Lancs
  • South London
  • and a personal letter from the London Branch about our closing
E-mail sent and received back from the South Yorkshire Boat Club. Numbers required from us so they can cater and arrange boats for our visit. Eric Hirst going but does not feel that he can attempt a boarding (no cutlass only walking stick!!) Several other members wanted to go but not trying the boarding!!!! 16 names taken. Photograph plus a word from Terry Armes on delivering and presenting our plaque down to Heritage Trust trustee at South Downs meeting. On table to pass round. Terry popped into the meeting (while at work) to hand a letter into the branch from John Ascoli re presentation of the plaque. This was a lovely letter thanking the branch for the same.
presentation of the north midlands branch plaque
Presentation of the North Midlands Branch plaque to John Ascoli, trustee of the Coastal Forces Heritage Trust

Treasurer's Report

£25 to hand over to Syd from last meeting, plus bills for stamps and envelopes. Syd Willoughby stated he and Helen had a lovely time sailing the Med and had booked again for Round the British Isles. Syd reported we were still viable with over £200 in the kitty. Syd also stated he had been treasurer since 1996 and was running out of pages in his book, but will make it to October!!

Welfare and Social Report

Update on Albert Littlewood, He has had his operation on 28th May and was very poorly but a phone call from Albert reports gradually feeling better, the operation involved cutting veins in both his legs to get to his heart, one leg seems ok but the other giving problems. They wanted to come this month but hopefully here in July. Told him we will arrange pie chips 'n' peas if he can make it. Card to sign. Eric and Mona not able to attend, Mona has a blood test. I have to tell Hilda they will not be travelling down south to event, too much for them but have said they will come to our Consort Suite Dinner and live entertainment. I have now confirmed and paid for a table of 17, so please I must have the rest of the money today, some have already paid. So it is Consort Suite Day, Thursday June 23rd, 12 noon till 4pm. Our Visit to the SY Boat Club is on the Sunday after Sunday 26th June (I think we get there about 11am. I have now confirmed this with the boat club). No birthdays this month but Ken our Chairman’s in July. No other business our chairman closed the meeting. Sandwiches, raffle, quiz and not forgetting the Money Bingo. We all had a good time. Date of next meeting: July 14th Colin