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North Midlands Branch November 2009

Written by North Midlands Branch | Posted on 13th November 2009


Ken Birkinshaw had already sent his apologies and his reason for absence: a hospital appointment.


Clem Mills. Opening the meeting, Clem gave the Exhortation and, after prayers by Margaret Lunt, the Meeting commenced.


Colin Severn was pleased to report that more than £2200 had been raised for the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. Whilst visiting his grandson in Finland he had found an MTB being re-furbished. Following an enquiry to the veterans' website he had gained some interesting information: it was one of the Finnish Navy' s Fast Attack Craft built in the sixties. Colin announced that he intended standing down as Secretary "at some time in the New Year" and appealed for a successor to come forward.


Syd Willoughby was happy to state that, despite last month's free lunch, the Branch funds remained in a satisfactory state.

Any Other Business:

All present agreed with the proposal to donate £50 to the St Lawrence Church for services rendered, especially in respect of Margaret Lunt's commitment to the Branch. President Clem asked members to give some thought to the disposal of Branch funds 'when the time comes'. He asked for suggestions to be sent, in writing, to the Committee One member reported that a colleague had been rushed to hospital after complaining of pains to his chest. After medical examination he was diagnosed as having *Pholenfrometry’* but that his condition was now stable. Date of Next Meeting:10th December 2009 * Medical term for ”Fallen from a tree"