South London Branch April 2009

Written by South London Branch | Posted on 19th April 2009

Thank you London, East Anglian and North Midland branches for your newsletters received recently. I have finally decided that it’s about time I pulled my finger out and responded with news from this branch. Our AGM was held at our new venue, T.S. Trafalgar at Mitcham, South London on Sunday 19th April 2009. Twenty five attended including associate members and widows. Our average is about 22, so we are still afloat. You won’t be surprised when I tell you that there is no change in the officers for the coming year, it’s a job for life. Here goes:-

The Chairman

Good morning to one and all; I called the meeting to order at 11am, and called on the Rev. Grahame Berridge to give the opening prayers. We prayed for the future of the Trafalgar and expressed our thanks for their continued warm welcome to the unit. We gave thought to all those that go down to the sea in ships. We gave thanks for the comradeship that existed in the branch. We remembered those of our number unable to be with us through ill health and those that have crossed the bar recently :- Director of Heritage Trust, David Harris. A few moments followed for quiet reflection. The Chairman: Nice to see so many of you on this lovely morning. We have two guests Mrs Gretta Atrill and Mr Roger Hyslop — good to see you both!

Secretary's Annual Report

This past year saw us move into this new building on the 11th May 2008, and I am sure you have found it a great deal more comfortable than the old Benbow and indeed the Trafalgar at Wimbledon. Current ship’s company comprises 17 Coastal Forces members, 10 associate members and 12 honorary members. Total 39. I have received newsletters from several branches on table should you wish to read. So after this meeting I intend to send out our own newsletter covering the highlights of our past year. Wyn Adams and I attended our plot at the field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on the 11th November 2008. Duke of Edinburgh went walkabout. Six of us also attended the C.F luncheon at Cooden Beach, Bexhill on Thursday 2nd October 2008. We appear quite prominently in the photo displayed in the July 2008 Heritage Trust newsletter. Another luncheon is scheduled for 23rd April this year On Saturday 1st November 2008, T.S. Trafalgar requested the company of our members at the unveiling of a foundation plaque to commemorate the opening of the unit by Captain Fry RN. Following this meeting the President of the Trafalgar is personally providing a buffet and liquid refreshment. Following that new colours which we, our members, have purchased, to their requirements, will be presented to them in a ceremony. Thank you all for your support during the year. That Mr Chairman concludes my annual report.

Welfare Officers Annual Report

S/M Ron reminded the meeting of the members we have lost during the year:- Let perpetual light shine upon them I continue to keep in touch with those members unable to attend and as you know the minutes of our meetings are circulated to all members, so as to keep them in touch.

Social Secretary’s Annual Report

Mrs June Baker thanked everyone for their support during the year, particularly donating prizes for our raffles, there generating income. Also the great support received for our Social in October 2008 - what a rave up! Matters unrelated to the AGM: We are also pleased to receive news from East Lancashire via London branch. Date of next General Meeting 4 Sunday 7th June 2009 at 10.30am

Any Other Business

S/M Reg Ellis informed the members of future plaques to be unveiled. Ramsgate Yacht Club—Saturday 30th May 2009 at 12.30pm. Weekend Friday–Sunday stay has been arranged. Tentative date for Felixstowe is 13th June 2009. There being no other business, the Rev. Grahame Berridge rendered the closing prayers. The Chairman: Thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting at 12.05hrs. A well presented buffet was provided after which the ceremony of presenting the new colours was carried out in a superb manner, much to the interest and enjoyment of our members present. A letter of appreciation has been sent to the President Mr Keith Martyr. Ron Harrison Secretary