South London Branch December 2013

Written by South London Branch | Posted on 25th January 2014


Unfortunately Charles Baker, our Chairman, was not well enough to be present. Secretary Ron Harrison called the meeting to order at 10.45am and called on the Rev Grahame to give the opening prayers. We joined together in the Lords Prayer. We prayed for the peace of the world. We prayed for our members unwell at this time — remembering our Chairman Charles Baker, Reg Ellis & Mary Lawry. We remembered those of our number who have crossed the bar. We remembered Laura and Nathan who have been blessed with a baby boy after years of heart ache. A few moments being spent in quiet reflection.

Apologies for absence

Charlie Baker, Reg Ellis. Comdr Roy Cook. Terry Palmer, Mrs June Baker, Mary Lawry, Alleyne Cook, Erica Palmer, Eva West and Margaret Lewis.

Minutes of the meeting held on Sunday 20th October 2013:

These were read. There being no matters arising S/M Alf Solomon proposed and Ex Wren Mrs Edith Sykes seconded that those minutes be accepted as a true record. Proposition was carried and minutes duly signed by our senior member S/M Cyril Mabin.

Secretary’s Report

Short on the ground, due to illness and other commitments at this time of year, Secretary Ron Harrison welcomed all present. Xmas cards had been sent to President Mr Keith Martyr also to Officers Cadets and Staff of TS Trafalgar. A gift of £30 (approved by members present) to be shared by Carol, Donna and Pearl — a drink on us at Xmas for looking after our welfare on meeting days, Xmas cards were also sent to all the widows and members not able to attend. Xmas cards received from Mrs Olive Hibbet and lda Ingham. Newsletter from London Branch for your perusal on table.

Treasurers Report

S/M Cliff Coe informed the members of the satisfactory movement on the account since the last meeting. Thank you Cliff.

Welfare Officer’s Report

S/M Reg Ellis to have operation on 19th December — we wish you well Reg. Mrs Mary Lawry in trouble from a broken hip and arm — our thoughts are with you Mary. Our Chairman Charles not at all well after another tumble — take care Charles. June constantly on nursing duty. Our Vice Chairman Bob still suffering breathing problems. Mrs Margaret Lewis recovering from the flu.

Social Secretary’s Report

Mrs June Baker; unable to be present but thank you June for our Mess Dinner in October, which was most enjoyable.

Date of next meeting

This has been arranged for Sunday 16th February 2014 at 10.30am.

Branch raffle

Good proceeds realised for the Branch finances. Thanks to Wyn and Phyl, our sales team for the day and Rev Grahame for bringing the necessary tools.

Any other business

Wyn Adams, Sec Ron, Rev Grahame and Terry Palmer attended the AGM and prize giving evening at the TS Trafalgar on the 29th November. Several of our branch members attended the service at the former HMS Hornet. Apparently there were also representatives from ten visiting navies. Peter Lynn gave us some news on MTB 71 which had been housed at Duxford; now owned by Naval Museum at Portsmouth and due for renovation; Peter produced pictures of the Minestore at Pridd's Hard Gosport. The front doors have to be renewed and the entrance widened to take the boat. The Minestore looks ideal for the job. Apparently the Naval Museum has a five year strategic plan starting in the New Year, of which we will be included. There being no further business the Rev Grahame rendered the closing prayers. Ron wished everyone a pleasant Christmas and closed the meeting at 11.30am. We retired to enjoy a well presented buffet helped down with hot mulled wine.