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London Branch October 2010

Hello to all. London never seems free of 'Road closed' signs on Sundays. But common sense dictates that if roads have to be closed, then Sundays are the best days to do it. And so it was for the last… Read More

London Branch August 2010

Greetings to all. The July Branch meeting saw a change in venue aboard the Belfast. Due to the locker on the upper deck being so full that we could not reach sound equipment and tea making things without… Read More

North Midlands Branch July 2010

The Chairman gave the Exhortation. We all stood in remembrance of Ted Arnolds wife Joyce, who we heard had passed away. The chairman welcomed Syd and Pauline Farrow, they have not been for a while, their… Read More

London Branch June 2010

Hello to all. Attendance at the May meeting was a little lower than usual for various reasons, mainly beyond the control of members but every now and again these things happen and the best laid plans… Read More

North Midlands Branch May 2010

Meeting Date 13th May. The Secretary welcomed everyone and asks if all have signed the register. Members Present 9, Associate Members 6, Friends 2. Total 17. Rev Margaret Lunt said a prayer. Apologises… Read More

London Branch April 2010

Apologies are due from the Editor for the lateness of this Branch Newsletter, and are herewith tendered. In defence he shifts the blame on to that Icelandic volcano that chose to erupt on the morning… Read More

East Anglia Branch March 2010

Dear Shipmates. Welcome to CFVA’s East Anglia Branch March 2010 newsletter. Firstly, what an unwelcome and pretty miserable Winter we have been having. As we are not getting any younger, keeping warm… Read More

London Branch February 2010

The Belfast had shed its mantle of deep snow in time for our January meeting and more members than we had expected arriving aboard. Several days before, it had been thought that cancellation would… Read More

London Branch December 2009

In spite of advancing age we still seem to be able to achieve a good attendance at the Branch meetings, and the November one was no exception. It was a bit on the quiet side during the approach to 11.00… Read More