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London Branch October 2009

Difficulties in London: travelling through London and the City to the Belfast meeting from the west can sometimes be a slow business due to traffic conditions.from the west can sometimes be a… Read More

East Lancashire Branch November 2009

Joe Smith reported that, as always on that Sunday of the year, they met at the Torpedo Memorial to honour our fallen shipmates. There were so many of them, and now so few veterans remaining. In fact their… Read More

North Midlands Branch November 2009

Colin Severn was pleased to report that more than £2200 had been raised for the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. Whilst visiting his grandson in Finland he had found an MTB being re-furbished. Following… Read More

East Anglia Branch October 2009

There are not too many of us left these days, so we feel in East Anglia we should keep the CF Veterans ‘flag’ flying as long as we can. To emphasise this, our Branch suffered the devastating news that… Read More

East Lancashire Branch October 2009

Due to his continued absence on sick leave following his accident, Secretary Len Mears DSM reported that his ‘Report’ had been prepared by Chairman Frank Hayworth. Frank was also was responsible for carrying… Read More

East Lancashire Branch September 2009

Frank regretted that the Branch would be unable to attend the Remembrance Service at Bury this year but he would ask the Sea Cadets to represent them. However the Branch would attend a Service and wreath… Read More

London Branch August 2009

It was pleasing to be re-installed at the July meeting as Branch Secretary, following a period of absence covering several months due to other commitments. During that period, the position of Branch Secretary… Read More

South London Branch August 2009

Chairman C Baker welcomed the 25 members present and Rev Grahame Berridge gave prayers for Branch members past and present, and ended with the Legion’s Prayer. The Chairman was pleased with the turnout… Read More

North Midlands Branch August 2009

Chairman Ken Birkinshaw welcomed the 19 members present at this meeting of 13th August 2009. 3 apologies for absence were received. As the Branch Rum Bosun, Frank Ryan, was off on an extended trip to… Read More