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North Midlands Branch October 2011

The secretary welcomes everyone for attending our last meeting. The secretary apologises that our Chairman Ken Burkinshaw could not attend due to constant care of Maisie (more of this in welfare). Today… Read More

London Branch August 2011

Hello once again. The year slips by and August is upon us, turning Spring into a distant memory. Is it because we are older that time seems to be keeping a foot bearing down on the accelerator? Something… Read More

North Midlands Branch July 2011

Margaret Lunt to give prayers. Chairman gave the Exhortation. Hope Margaret and Peter, Stewards, had a nice time away and thank you for the coffee 'n' tea at our last meeting you left out Secretary’s… Read More

East Lancashire Branch May 2011

No minutes this time, only a newsletter to bring you up to date with recent events, the reason will become obvious as you read on. At the date of the above meeting (15th May) there were only 3 of us.… Read More

North Midlands Branch June 2011

The Chairman welcomed everyone for attending and asks if all have signed the register. Members present 8, Associates 4, Friends 4, Total 16: Apologises from Albert and Kath Littlewood, Eric and Mona Hirst… Read More

London Branch June 2011

The month of May saw us gathering again on the Belfast. We could not fail to see, on arrival, the rather impressive array of photographic equipment already set up in the Gunroom preparatory to the photo… Read More

London Branch April 2011

Hello again. Following the deadline for receipt of subs, a new Members List and has now been completed. Membership has held up well and the few losses that we have encountered have been confined mainly… Read More

London Branch February 2011

The last meeting, held on the 16th January was the occasion for the Branch AGM. Some months ago our Vice Chairman, Wallis Randall, had expressed a wish to relinquish this position at the AGM. So, rather… Read More

London Branch December 2010

Hello again. It was great to see the November Branch meeting so well attended. There was a slight hitch just prior to the Chairman commencing business, when one of our members (no names of course) approached… Read More